Sunday, May 07, 2006

How to Make Sushi Part 2: Yukiwa Maki

Uncle and Auntie De called today to say they're coming to pay us a visit. I felt so guilty last time I was practising making sushi as I have forgotten to invite the De's. So I thought their visit this time would be an excellent opportunity for me to make and also blog about making Yukiwa Maki or "inside out rolls".

Please refer to my previous posts on how to make sushi to prepare the following:

Spread the rice over the nori (seaweed sheet), however unlike last time, spread the rice right to the edges of the nori without leaving any margins.

Sprinkle a generous amount of mustard seed (or sesame seed) on the rice, like the picture. Then, spread enough cling film to cover the whole bamboo mat (makisu).
Flip over all the layers so that the cling film is now right above the bamboo mat. The layers from the top will now be the nori, the rice, the cling film, then the bamboo mat. Arrange the fillings across the nori as pictured. For today's sushi I've used prawns, strips of rolled egg and cucumber.

The rolling process is the same as before, the difference being the upside down layers and the cling film ontop of the bamboo mat. The cling film will prevent the rice from sticking to the mat.

Notice in the picture that I was compressing the sushi using the mat to make a triangular shape. Likewise, you can make any shape you like be it squares, triangular or plain circular.(Above) Using the bamboo mat, you're able to make various shapes.
Remember to cut with a very sharp knife. Before cutting, wet the knife with cold water to prevent the rice from sticking.

(Below) The finished product: Yukiwa Maki or inside-out rolls


mynn said...

It took me forever to get the post above looking right. In the end it still doesn't! however, I don't have the will to change anything anymore ... sorry :)

ps. as usual click pictures to enlarge.

dr in the house said...

Subhanallah! These are great even from the pics. Thanks for sharing. Wonder bila I can try all these..

Btw, icon tu helang Jepun ke? :)

mynn said...

it's a pleasure. Insya allah in the future several more variants to come.

lama tak dengar from dith! dengar2 pegi tengok volcano .. tak sabar nak tengok gambar2.

about the profile icon, no ... not as macho as an eagle. It's ("just") a swallow, and probably not Japanese either. represents freedom (LOL)

auntie de said...


sushi were fantastic! commendations to the chef, and i heard it only took 1 hr this time round. ;) a good generous size they were, and very very sedapp thinking about them is making me droooool.... many many thanks!

mynn said...

auntie de, you guys are always welcomed. lagipun it was a good chance for me to practice not to mention "relieve stress" from "too much" studying. LOL :D

it took me absolutely forever to get the layout of the post to look right, in the end i got the help of the blogging technician -- Mama sarah, and with her magical fingers she fixed everything ...

(for those of you learning like me, the trick is to apply no formatting to the images, then susun sendiri)

ps. auntie de -- you guys left uncle de's live yoghurt & brewer's yeast in our fridge. kesian dia dpt c.diff lagi eh?

auntie de said...

well, he refused the enema. even after i assured him the colonies would be top notch first class stuff, hee hee..

mynn said...


kenakelayan said...

Live yoghurt? As opposed to dead yoghurt? :D

I made my own yoghurt the other day. Easy peasy. But I let it ferment a bit too long so ended up with extra masam yoghurt. Had to put in loads of sugar/golden syrup to enable me to eat it.

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