Monday, May 22, 2006

The Funniest Shaver Promotion EVER!

Oh my goodness, this has to be the FUNNIEST promotion for a shaver ever made, ever, ever, ever! And to think it's made by Philips. Way to go Philips! Funny things like this really make people interested.

(Everything is just funny .. remember to watch the music videos and click on "where to shave")

Seriously a must see!


Ikelah said...

dah beli? hahahaha.

semoga amar cepat sembuh.

OK said...

wow.. what a good looking if only my mouse was half as good looking..

btw min, i have decided to buy a sony laptop. at the moment I am saving up to buy one, hmm maybe end of th eyear or early next.


mynn said...

glad you found laughter in the advert, and re: Amar, thanks. insya allah he may be able to go home today. they're just waiting for the results of his pus culture and if sensitive to fluclox they'll probably let amar go. otherwise, it may be tomorrow.

the new VAIOs with blu-ray (bluray?) looks sweet indeed. it's shiny black & made of carbon fibre or something like that. however, bear in mind the machines are underpowered for the price & unless you buy the ones with good graphics card - forget about mobile gaming. but if you don't mind that, you'll really enjoy the design. VAIOs are simply beautiful.

(KKL, sorry! bad influence eh?)

OK said...

ello min, i am not looking at the A series as they are waaaaayy underpowered for my taste. In malaysia there is a slightly different flavour of Vaios as the A series is a no go here due to the price (more than 10K).

Te vaios here are dual core 2ghz machines with office suite included as well as the prerequisite siftware for digital photos.

The prices now range from 7-8K.

so in order to save up for them I need to save now.. Will take me about 6-12 months so that is why end of the year or early next.


OK said...


I wonder if KKL will kill me??


mynn said...

or kill me!

Uncle De said...

OK...macbook pro...hahaha...

OK said...

uncle de.. just read the reviews.. mac book pro ok gaks.. hehe.. dual core.. ada 2 ghz version..

nice looking also.. a close contender.. the price also at the same price range.. waiting for some bugs to be fixed though... it is hot... literally hot.. hehehe..

When I get the chance I will test tun both the macbook pro and the vaio.. ;))


OK said...

Hmm are we on real time (reel time - hahaha) here?

mynn said...

i agree 200% with uncle de, i wanted to say above after talking in length about just buy a macbook pro. apparently it's fast for games.

yup, hot! hahaha.

up-to-date jugak my friends ni with current tech news *cough*geeks*cough* :)

haah real time

mynn said...

tunggu vaio dual cores - that'll be hardcore!

orangkilang said...


vaio malaysia dah dual core with super fast graphics card... :)

macbook pro integrated graphics ma...

kenakelayan said...

*rolls her eyes*

Here we go again...

*bats eyelashes at O-K*

Yes Dear you can buy the Vaio... after you buy me a Honda! :D

(See I am letting you off easy... I could've held out for the Mini Cooper you know...)

Sabran jamilaa..

Mynn said...

i wonder how starting to talk about shavers could lead to talking about Vaios (men, eh?)

just in case you guys go to the philips site, make sure you guys check under main menu --> testimonials.

mama sarah and I were ROTFL. especially the last phone msg!

mini cooper lagi mahal dari honda ke KKL? i thought sama.

kenakelayan said...

Honda City: circa RM80,000.

Mini Cooper: circa RM200,000.


dr in the house said...


I can just imagine you batting your eye-lashes now, hahaha

Mynn said...

fuuuuh mahal mini cooper
which honda do you like?

i like the space age new one, to use

but my dream car is the ferrari enzo.

kenakelayan said...

Entahlaa... actually I don't really care about these cars. I have no idea what cars are good or not. But the Honda seems nice-looking, and I know they are a pleasure to drive, as well as being just within our price bracket.

I like the now discontinued NSX because it seems to do all a sports car does, as well as being easy to drive... hehehe. I would've entered the Fifth Gear Competition to win it but I found out about it too late.

But I'll probably be just as happy with a MyVi. My criteria for cars would be:

-look good
-have leather seats (hehehehe)
-easy to park (so shouldn't be too huge)
-quiet when driving (I don;t like Protons for that reason: you can hardly hold a decent conversation in one without raising your voice somewhat)
-lots of storage space for all my gear/favourite people
-self-cleans itself (now this is reaallyy pushing it)

I think I am a biker girl at heart but am not allowed on one by both my mum and O-K (one of the reasons why my mum approved of O-K I guess hehehe)

OK said...

Let us all go through the list

-affordable - ok.....
-look good...hmm not much choice in msian market
-fuel-efficient ... hehehe CC kecik
-have leather seats (hehehehe) ... hmmm matiler lembu
-easy to park (so shouldn't be too huge) ... hmm biasa lakik drive
-quiet when driving (I don;t like Protons for that reason: you can hardly hold a decent conversation in one without raising your voice somewhat).....yeah.. need to ensure the driver stays quiet
-lots of storage space for all my gear/favourite people ...juara??
-self-cleans itself (now this is reaallyy pushing it).... shell car wash?


kenakelayan said...

Yes Dear... find me a car wih all that and you get to buy your Vaio!!!

(I am getting you a kick-a** fridge, remember?)