Wednesday, May 24, 2006


More (GIMP) tutorials



hiyoshi said...

Nothing related to the post: How do I put up all those sidebar links? I've just switched to blogspot *claps hands*

mynn said...

im glad you've switched to blogspot because i think xanga is c***.(sorry xanga).

if you click on the "edit-me" links, you'll be transferred to a tutorial on how to make links.

it's very manual, and you have to learn abit of html (for links, images and stuff)

if you get stuck, tell me again and ill email you a template of my site.

good luck, and enjoy blogspot!

Uncle De said...

Mynn, at last I've sign up for a Digg account, when are you going to sign up for one? Anyway go to to see stories that I have dugg....which isnt much at the moment

kenakelayan said...

Ahhh the lure of blogspot...

Mama Sarah said...


well done hiyoshi.

looking fwd to leaving a comment at your blogspot!

Mama Sarah said...


i like your template very much. I rasa the template you chose is very 'manja'. Nak buat link no problem, tapi you will not get the same cursive font as the title.

Aiyoo, how to explain ah? Nanti later on, you will know what I mean. that particular template agak manja utk tambah features. Tapi kalau nak kekalkan as it is - then fine. (I'm sure you think I'm talking crap here)

hiyoshi said...

mynn: I'll keep it no secret: I suck at html coding. Tried learning it once, and failed miserably. There are just too many letters on the screen T_T

mama sarah: I know. I've tried it yesterday, but couldn't manage to get the links to appear. Like I said above, I suck at html coding.

kenakelayan said...

I suck at html too. But there is this useful site:

Gambatte ne!

mynn said...

kelakarlah ... semua orang switch to blogger suddenly (recently psychno pun tukar jugak).

what happened? to be honest, i havent been favouring xanga that much and ive been hoping some of you guys would make the switch. easier as blogger is much more open, i think.

hiyoshi & KKL
actually i suck at html too, but the link that KKL provided is the exact link mama sarah and i are using to learn html. I hope you find it useful, but dont be shy to ask if you get stuck.

Anonymous said...

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