Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amar's 3rd Day in Hospital

Today we were hoping that Amar would be deemed suitable for discharge by the surgeons. Unfortunately the surgeon who reviewed Amar said that the infection was quite "nasty", and that Amar needs to stay for at least until tomorrow. In comparison, everyone else in the ward was discharged yesterday and today.

I suppose Amar's infection was serious.

Today when we saw Amar, I'm happy to report he's back to his normal self. His normal "heft" has returned when I lifted him, and he was actively running around and laughing with Sarah. According to Nisa, Amar rarely if ever, cried today -- and he is not even taking any painkillers!

His left hand is still heavily bandaged, so I did not catch a glimpse of the wound after the operation. Nisa said there's an open gash and it looks horrible, however, I cannot verify this myself without looking. But Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful that Amar is much, much better.

Hopefully he'll be suitable for discharge tomorrow. I'm really looking forward for both Nisa and Amar to come home. Nisa sends her love and regards to everyone. She seemed very happy to hear all the wishes I conveyed from her blog. So, thank you!

ps. Sorry, we did take pictures of a much happier Amar today but I decided to leave the camera with Nisa so that she could continue taking pictures of Amar in hospital. We'll update with more pictures as soon as they become available.


OK said...

Ello min,

glad to see the little guy happy. hehhe.. whatever the food, if he is getting heavier must be good. maybe MS is givin him her dinner as it looks absolutely horrible. Yellow was never a good colour.

in Msia I guess food is never an issue. If malas mask or forgotten how to cook as you claim, well, there is always gerai.

as for the 'concerned' phone calls, I guess it really is your fault for saying 'somebody save me' - ala lagu smallville on your dinner plate.. hehehe

btw, I saw right through the picture, broiled vege with salt and pepper. plain white rice, omelete to cover the rice and fried chicken wings hehehehe - teriyaki konon... chicken wing dipped in kikoman sauce panggil teriyaki ;)) :P


dr in the house said...


So how did Nisa go by without blogging and Sudoku? hehe

mynn said...

insya allah nisak is coming home today, i hope. kalau tak pun tomorrow said the surgeons. their waiting for pus cultures. nisak just called saying that her mobile phone was stolen (a sony ericsson k700). poor nisak she was planning to bring the phone back to malaysia. she also treasures the sms'es in the phone. she kept all sms'es from the forever (including wishes by everyone when amar was born).

hospitals are notorious for loosing phones. thank goodness she wasnt borrowing my w800 at that time (by chance only, sbb my phone habis battery & i didnt bring a charger).

tp kalau my phone kena curi ada insurance, nisak punya im afraid, takde.

blogging - she was blogging, she borrowed my phone for a couple of nights to check her blog using Opera 2.0 (a mobile internet browser)

sudoku-i bought her a sudoku puzzlebook. she's finished 17 of the puzzles already (the nurses were joining in!)

hehehe ;) she can't go without those two essential things i suppose.

auntie de said...


oo ye ke.. padanla i text n call takde response, haha

eh mynn terer apa masak. ive no worries whatsoever.

mynn, mana dapat teriyaki sauce without wine? been looking for one without wine. ke betul celup kikkoman saja?

errr... gambar food by nisak tu, sebelum makan ke, 'in reverse'? it seriously looks like the latter.

mynn said...

as far as i know teriyaki sauce (at least the flavour) tastes like kikkoman and sugar with spices. kalau beli kat tesco, the sauce ada ginger (which i don't like) but tak de wine kan? if you are cooking teriyaki fish for example, the teriyaki sauce is applied layer over layer (as in layer the sauce, then grill, then layer, then grill ...) the sugar will give it a glistening surface.

hahaha, auntie de -- thanks for the confidence in my culinary skills (pandai auntie de ambik hati).

gambar food nisak looks absolutely horrible, hiyoshi was saying it looks terrible. yup that's what makanan omputih looks like - yellow and tak sedap (at least the vegetarian option is).

this just in -- nisak boleh balik, yeay! alhamdulillah

hm, geram jugak hilang phone tu. but i wasnt surprised.