Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stratford Upon Avon: The May Flower

I've always felt kind of guilty that I've been to several outings with my work mates to nice restaurants before and I have always promised Nisa that I'd make it up to her one day.

Today was the day.

While we were in Stratford, we were looking for a nice place to eat. Nisa wanted to eat Indian, and I wanted Italian food and we both couldn't agree on where to eat. But, both of us somehow immediately agreed on eating at the May Flower, a Chinese Restaurant.

It was wonderful.

For starters we had prawn dim sum and corn and crab meat soup. Sarah, normally a fussy eater, cherished the thick flavourful soup. Meanwhile Nisa and I were both admiring the dim sum, cleverly decorated to look like scallops. It was pretty and delicious.

For our main course, we had seasonal vegetables in bird's nest, pak choi with garlic, king prawns kung po and octopus in a "scented sauce" (<- that's the actual name!) to eat with our egg fried rice. For drinks I had a jasmine green tea, and the rest had various fruit juice. The meal was absolutely SENSATIONAL and I would heartily recommend the May Flower to anyone visiting Stratford Upon Avon. The service was extremely fast, the plates (and food) hot, the service friendly and the food: delicious, marvellous, totemo oishikatta, fabulous... etc

Although there was four of us, and only two being adults, our order seemed to be for a group of four large adults. No matter, between us we finished the food anyway! .. and pretty hastily at that.

That has been our nicest meal outing for a (very long) while ... right Bie?

Our reviews

Mama Sarah
Food 4/5
Overall 3.5/5

Yours truly
Food 4/5
Overall 4/5


dr in the house said...

The food looks great. Tak de MSG ke? :p
Alhamdulillah you enjoyed the food.

Mynn, you seem to enjoy food but maintain slim. Apa petua gamoknya ye?

Mama Sarah said...

petuanya DITH ialah,

1. isteri yang baik seperti saya yang menjaga makan minum nya supaya tidak mengandungi lemak atau minyak yang berlebihan

2. isteri yang 'low demand' and low maintenance, yang tidak memeningkan kepalanya. Maka tidak menimbulkan penyakit darah tinggi kepada nya.

3. dan yang penting sekali, isteri yang penyayang seperti saya yang sentiasa memahami keperluannya yang sering berdamping dengan computer pagi petang siang dan malam apabila tiba hujung minggu.

hahaha... semua itu adalah REKAAN semata-mata!!! The truth is, saya tidak menjaga makan minumnya sehinggakan dia kurus kering. :(

auntie de said...

DITH: jangan percaya tohmahan mama sarah yang terakhir itu. sebenarnya saudara mynn adalah salah seorang mutant dari kumpulan ORANG-ORANG-X! kuasa luarbiasa beliau adalah kadar metabolisma yang sangat sangat tinggi sehinggakan makanan lazat yang berperiuk-periuk yang dihidangkan oleh mama sarah habis langsai dimakannya, tetapi tidak pula GEMOK! nama samaran beliau adalah THE METABOLISER

mama sarah: aduhh.. sipinya komen nombor 3 tu.. ;P

mama sarah said...

auntie de bak kata KKL suatu ketika dahulu... "Computer No.2", walaupun sebenarnya kita biWi no.1.

kenakelayan said...

Hmmph. Nasib baik depan kita O-K menunjukkan perangai taubat nasuhanya daripada melayan komputer memanjang. Kalau tak... jeng jeng jeng...

dr in the house said...

NisakSaya percaya akan semua petua yg tersenarai itu. Sesungguhnya ayat terakhir itu memang tohmahan (mengikut Auntie De) terhadap diri sendiri semata-mata (self-degratory), hehe

Auntie DeHow I wish I am one of those mutants and join the class of the Metaboliser. At my age, whatever exercise I do doesnt seem to metabolise much of my calorie!*sigh*

KKL,Jeng,jeng,jeng...takutnya bunyi lagu tu. Agaknya apa akan berlaku yek?hehe

OK said...

perasan tak takder suami2 yang komen..hahahaha

OK said...

ikelah? mynn? Uncle De aka Exdua mka Perodua (just joking ma)?

mynn said...

could help but laugh at DITH's comment.

to be honest DITH, i don't really enjoy food as much as other people. and that's an honest truth. a friend of mine used to say that she eats only to survive (so that she doesn't become hungry) but she doesnt enjoy food. I think i'm like that too. i eat just so that i don't become too thin. There was a time when i tried to gain weight, but unfortunately i gained none.

probably auntie de betul jugak about the high metabolism tu. when i'm working there are times we have to run back and forth looong corridors for cardiac arrests, walk up and down stairs to see patients, and rush around ward rounds ... so i guess i do use up alot of energy. don't you guys think KKL is the same? selera makan dia +++ but she's still very22 slim. (same goes to auntie de)

.... hehehe i know the answer to after your jeng jeng jeng --> cabut graphics card.

i have always wondered what the meaning behind the cryptic "exdua" is. auntie de tak risau ke the word ada "dua" and "ex" in it???!

mama sarah said...

amboi nak kacau auntie de eh?

now who's that girl who only eats to survive? hah?

auntie de said...

orang tak enjoy food either:
a)depressed, either overtly or subclinical
b)takut gemuk
c)something 'sinister' going on biologically - find this very very true with patients

alamak, bestnya ada orang kata i slim. but unfortunately, not quite true, haha.. and if i werent so heavy, id already be floating up there on cloud nine, heehee..

entahnya mynn.. eh, can u try risik2 sikit kalau ada hidden meaning? i dah lama try tapi tak jadi..

kenakelayan said...

(alamak obvious sangat ke yang kita ni suka makan dan makanan? must try to make it less obvious)

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