Monday, May 22, 2006

GIMP script for Smart Sharpening

The problem with performing an "unsharp mask' in GIMP is that it also increases the picture noise thus making the image less attractive. Clever techniques have to be performed to overcome this, and luckily there's a GIMP script called warp-sharp that makes GIMP perform the algorithms automatically.

Link to the warp-sharp script

I've tried the script myself, and in my opinion using the default settings, I did not get satisfactory results as the image does not appear as sharp as when an "unsharp mask" is performed. However, I think I need to tweak the settings abit to get more optimal results. Otherwise I did notice that picture noise did not appear much worse.

There are many other nice GIMP scripts like this, and if you discover any interesting ones please let me know.

How to perform a manual smart sharpening.