Friday, May 19, 2006

Extensive List of Free Windows Software

A HUGE list of free software for Windows. Enjoy trying!


via Open Source Weblog

The list and links on the site is simply amazing. A lot is included, I'm happy to find my favourites listed as well (practically everything I list on my sidebar is available on the site. Seriously worth the click! I am awed. Can't wait to try a few!!

Mental note to self: add Open Source Weblog to your sidebar under "Favourite Blogs".


auntie de said...


i know mynn is not pure terenganuian, but nevertheless a good read. mama sarah may be able to relate better? hee hee.. cant help but chuckle to meself

auntie de said...

NO connection whatsoever to the post, i know, but still.. haha

mynn said...

thanks for the link auntie de, i did check it out. kelakar jgk, he knows what he's talking about thay guy. very insightful. nak cakap kat nisak suruh dia pegi tra cuba. (ha)

Anonymous said...

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