Saturday, May 20, 2006

Emergency Rations: Tomato S.O.S

As you guys know, my wife is away in hospital with our 1 year old and so our house chores & cooking are all up to me. I'm also looking after Sarah, our 2 year old. Pictured is what I made for our breakfast - scrambled eggs, salad, sausages with tomato s.o.s, alphabet croquette and orange juice.

At least Sarah said "sedaaap!" (meaning: delicious!). I hope at her age she is not just saying that to make me feel better;)

  1. Subliminal message intentional.
  2. Tomorrow: May Day Pancakes (that is, if Nisa is still away).
How to make Mynn's Emergency Scrambled Eggs:
  1. Crack two eggs into an oven-proof jug
  2. add salt to taste
  3. whisk hard
  4. put in a microwave for 1 minute on the high setting (750kw)
  5. after 1 minute, remove from microwave and whisk
  6. microwave again for 1 minute, and repeat until the eggs are cooked.
  7. (normal cooking time I find is around 2-3 minutes)
  8. It does work and the results are satisfying. Delicious with pepper.


OK said...

hahaha.. better than my efforts at least..

breakfast (if at home) heat up last nights dinner.

breakfast (if in the office) heat up last nights dinner


OK said...

Hmmm... i wonder what I should have for dinner tonight... hmm.. maybe i'll go for tuna sandwiches.. simple... yet fulfilling.. plus all the salad and lettuce.. tomato... cheese...

OK said...

so what is .hack//root about any way??

hiyoshi said...

The scrambled eggs look inviting. And so do the alphabet croquette. I suppose Sarah's compliments were sincere :)

Mynn said...

haha, hiyoshi - the scrambled eggs is a recipe i got from my senior house officer during a set of night oncalls.

seriously, although it's microwaved, the taste is just as nice ... (especially in an emergency;)

you're a good cook, i bet even my best efforts cannot top your worst.

.hack is an anime about a MMORPG, recently there are high definition versions available. it looks stunning!

kenakelayan said...

:D the best male cooks rarely do any cooking at home after marriage...

To O-K: :P~!

auntie de said...

alamak auntie de... lambat laa. joey pun tak lambat camni


hahaha.. tadi tgk kat pda tak clear sgt la. dah balik tgk screen besar baru perasan.

at least u werent trying to spell PLEH

nanti i hantar rations! :P

mynn said...


auntie de, so far you're the only person who's mentioned "SAVE US", i really wonder whether orang lain dapat the joke or not ...

i showed the picture to nisa but she didnt get it either (nisa rabun)so tak nampak screen.

nnydd said...

I just checked your website today - away during weekends.

Yep, I saw the save us too, and is grinning tak habis2 lagi. Mynn and his sense of humour, even at the worst of times!

mynn said...

alhamdulillah, i think Allah has given me the ability to smile and laugh even at the worst of times (so far).

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. here

Anonymous said...

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