Saturday, May 20, 2006

Amar for Surgery

*Update on Amar 20/5/2006: 10am*
Mama Sarah has just called me. She said Amar's
finger is looking worse. She said the finger looks more swollen and
yellow. Amar has been reviewed again by the consultant and the
consultant said Amar may need the surgery after all.

At the
moment they're fasting Amar in preparation for the surgery. The surgery
is scheduled in 4 hours time (2pm, 20/5/2006). They mentioned the side
effects of the operation. Apart from the risks with general anaesthesia
(yup, Amar will be having general anaesthetics & be put to sleep)
there's also the risk of deformity, and neuropathic pain (nauzubillah
to all of that, hope it goes well).

So far Amar & Mama Sarah
seems okay. Amar is as happy as usual, watching his DVDs in hospital
and Mama Sarah seemed slightly tired, but holding. Mama Sarah has asked
me to visit after the operation so I'll try and update afterwards.

*Update 20/5/6: 3:30pm*
Nisa called again saying that Amar has been escorted to the operation theatre. The procedure will likely take around 40 minutes, but after the operation they normally monitor patients for a further 40 minutes. Nisa has asked me to come only after Amar's surgery as she fears if Sarah is around, Amar wouldn't get proper rest before the operation. Sarah is sleeping right now, and I think I'll go to visit Nisa immediately after Sarah wakes up.

The intriguing thing is, today Sarah did not ask about Amar at all. Suddenly, she started asking about her little brother -- 3 times at around 3pm. Later Nisa told me that around 3pm was the time they escorted Amar to the Operation Theatre. Hmm, the force is strong in that little one (her Jedi power of manipulation especially).

I'm aiming to leave in around 30 minutes time. As usual I'll update with more news.

Mama Nisa again sends her love.

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