Monday, May 29, 2006

A Berry Late Snack

Sorry for that inexcusably poor pun, please don't stone me to death! Despite all the food we've had today, I'm still hungry, thus this late supper.

Tonight I'm having toasted bagel with a soft Philadelphia cheese spread, raspberries, strawberries and a nice hot cup of Taylors of Harrogate Tea: Gold Label (*).

I'm just going to watch the latest Yakitate! Japan before I retire for the night. Just to inform respected readers that from tomorrow I'm going to be oncall till Thursday. I may still have time to blog, but I may not ... so my sincerest apologies.

My oncalls will be from 9am till 9pm, Monday to Thursday. Tomorrow is a bank holiday so here's hoping it's not going to be busy (<- this statement is a sure fire way to jinx my oncalls, whoops).

My plan for this week is to:
1. Finish Eureka Seven (I've watched up to episode 37).
2. Finish reading the Earthsea Quartet (so far so hooked!).
3. Continue studying.

OK, see you when I can. Ittekimasu!

*Mini impressions on Taylors of Harrogate Tea: Gold Label
A strong, flavourful tea to me best brewed at just boiling temperature for around just before 2 minutes. I find it difficult to find that balance for flavour vs bitterness as so far I find that the tannins make this tea taste very bitter. My brother loves this tea for "Teh Tarik". I can see why as it's a strong tea.

Overall rating: 3.5/5. I enjoy the "normal" label Taylor's of Harrogate more. I don't think the extra price for this tea is worth it.

Care to disagree?


dr in the house said...

Food again? :p

The worst call is when the admissions keep on flowing in and the already in patients are giving problems as well. Do you ever find that you will always have a bad call when you were with certain people, nurses or HOs? Bad combination!

kenakelayan said...

I agree with you on the Harrogate Gold Tea. I use the Red Label (for hard water) myself and love it.

mama sarah said...

harrogate dengan yorkshire tea same ke lain? kalau tak silap KKL pernah bagi yorkshire @ harrods tea sekotak kat kita kan?

Bby! how's your oncall? tak call pun. bz sgt ke? both sarah and amar are ok. sarah as usual, makan banyak. i rasa sebab susu dah kurang.

amar still low appetite. tapi i notice dia makan bnyk kalau the food is slightly salty. biasalah kan, bubur diaorang tu salt free. dia tak berapa nak makan.

i plan to compose a couple more entries. hahaha, backdating as per usual.

neighbour kanan, 'bising' lagi. ingatkan dah habis kahwin, habislah kebisingannya.

yang kiri tak habis2 drilling sana sini. bukan complain, saje bercerita.

dah makan belum? makan banyak2 tau.

take care.

Ikelah said...

What camera do you use? delicious and nice arrangement. macam nak makan je.

OK said...

Ello all,

On my 18th straight days of the plant shutdown. things are going reasonably well. We are on track, at least on paper we are 2% ahead of schedule. Truth is there is still a hell of a lot of things to do.

When I go home I fall asleep, not even turning on the pc. I wish I had more time!

Any way, this is a long weekend as the plant must be ready by Saturday 3rd of June for the first mechanical day. I may take one day rest on the 4th, but then again maybe not as on the 8th of June I have a meeting in KL. May take the 9th off instead. That would mean 26 consecutive days of working...hmm what the heck.. why not go for a cool 30??

Regards and happy eating.

mynn said...

sorry everyone. i have actually been extremely busy these few days and today is the only time i could read my blog properly.

okay now to answer comments:

they have that belief (certain people bernasib malang and would cause the oncall to be busy) here too. fortunately, so far, i have the opposite effect. biasanya if i'm oncall we only get on average of 4-8 patients.... seriously! :) this has been true ever since i was a house officer. shyy ... don't tell anyone though, don't want to jynx it.

i get a caffeine rush drinking harrogate red label, useful to jump-start mornings:)

:) thanks. to be perfectly honest, i wasnt satisfied with the arrangement nor the picture. but that time it was too late at night and i couldnt be bothered to GIMP it so i just post the picture up as is. mama sarah and i have noticed that you love your arrangements & pictures of still life (among others). any tips?

as for the camera i use. it's only a 3MP sony cybershot. very early model and definitely obsolete by today's standard. until the camera breaks, i'm probably not considering buying a new one yet. but ikelah or O-K, if you guys are planning to upgrade & looking for a buyer of your old Nikon D50s, i may be interested;)

i thought my days were busy, compared to your 30 consecutive working days my oncalls are nothing. Surely that's illegal??

mama sarah said...

mana auntie + uncle de ni? tak de komen pun.

i nak tanya you all buat apa weekend ni? kat wrexham ke kat notts?

mama sarah said...

p/s: bby, esok appointment pukul 10.40am.

neighbour nak jagakan sarah. i hope sarah ok. first time nak tinggalkan dengan bukan ahli keluarga!

pastu nurse siap warning, day clinic busy. mesti lama kena tunggu ni!

auntie de said...


sorry la mama saghah.. been a bit busy dengan kanak2 ribena kat sini, heehee.. yippee!

we all probably ada kat sini unless uncle de says otherwise.. want to come over? come la, come one come all..!

pasal oncall ni, i paling pantang sekali kalau sesapa start sebut anything along the lines of 'wow, its been quiet today!' because the moment someone says that, perpusu2 lah segala makhluk, ganjil mahupun tidak, dari seluruh pelusuk dunia kena admit as medical take. and masa nights la makhluk2 ganjil selalu datang, i.e overdose, mabuk, druggies, 'social admission' etc etc..

Ikelah said...

frankly, i m not good at stills. i guess boogey knows better. with all the artificial lightings, soft light, bounce light... idont really know. i just prefers natural lights and what is there for me to take.

You ar and artist, you can draw, you are definitely far better than me in something abstract etc. when i was at lower secondary, this seni lukis that brought my marks down. the highest i could obtain was 55%. :(

macam kawan you rosli, still and glamour.... mengancam. ;)
about the postprodution, i just know the basic, the very basic. levels pun baru tahu tak sampai 6 months. hahahaha... sungguh memalukan. :(

cuma, u need an SLR, macro lens to get the centre sharp and the edge blurr... to play with the DOF. p5 knows better than me about tthe lenses. he has a number of good lens.

walaubagaimanapun cerita ceriti, the most important is the person behind your lens, whatever camera u matter 2-3 MP, u just have to know your camera limits and what it can do best.

again delicious. especially the strawberries.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Yummmm... that looks delicious.. the strawberries especially. It's been a VERY VERY long time since I actually ate a nice-tasting strawberry *mouth waters*

hiyoshi said...

Cheeky title ;)

But the strawberries look really yummy! Unlike what we have here in *cough*Cameron*cough*Highlands*cough*

ifos said...

Yummy pic ;)

mynn said...

strawberies do look beautiful and make nice pictures but in terms of taste, abit over-rated. they're sour! however, i have to say, strawberries with sugar & double cream is delicious

i've read on your mum's blog you've returned from volgograd. you must be happy to be back (although you seem like having lots of fun in russia)

ifos said...

I so agree with you on their reputation n taste- I think mangoes taste much better ;) But I just had them with sugar n cream 2 days ago n I have to agree wih you too =) Lol they're awesome (and expensive). BTW, I'm not back yet- I'll be back in july ;)

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