Monday, November 22, 2010

Sik-Sik Sister-Brother

Look at Amar, Sarah and their cousins playing Sik Sik. Good practice for Amar.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our House 3

A peek of what the row leading to our house looks like. Seems very neat and organised.

Our House 2

I took this picture to remind ourselves what the finished house will look like, hopefully by next year.

Our House 1

After several months, last week we went to see the construction progress of our new house. It was a Sunday, and so we were happy to see workers busy in the construction site. We were happy as well with the progress, and I think all of us just cannot wait to finally be able to move in.

Ole Ole Bali 2

Sarah was delighted by the running water just by our table. Furthermore, fish were swimming in the stream. Some were luminescent with reflected light. Overall, it felt like we were in Bali if at least for a few hours.

Ole Ole Bali 1

This picture was taken at Ole Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid one fine evening when we decided to go there just for desserts and tea. I had the sumptuous Pisang Bakar with bitter coffee. We sat on the raised platform by the running water, much to Sarah's delight.

Sun set, Sri Permata Pool

A HDR taken with the iPhone to show the beautiful skies over the pool.

The Sri Permata Pool

Went swimming at the pool after months of not going. We used to go swimming very regularly, at least once a week. Nowadays I do locums almost every day so my timetable is much more hectic. Still, the pool looks beautiful after sunset!

Tip Toe

This picture was taken, then instagrammed at the Sri Permata pool. It was twilight and we were still there, Amar was running towards Sarah. I panned while taking this picture and that's why Amar is the only object that appears relatively sharp in the picture. Taken with my iPhone 4.

Strawberries and cream

We bought strawberries and cream while buying groceries, and as we reached home Sarah and I were whipping the cream together. Perhaps I whipped the cream for too long, as suddenly the cream curdled and turned to butter! Anyhow, the strawberries with sweetened butter tasted delicious.

Amar, Moustache 2

This was taken while we were shopping at Giant. Sarah grabbed a Tricycle and rode with Amar around the store. Look at Amar!

Amar, Moustache 1

Amar grabbed Sarah's hair and posed with a moustache. It's out of the ordinary for him to be so creative. What is not out of the ordinary though is he being so funny and cheeky.

Eid Adha 2

A picture of the whole family taken at Auntie Noraluyah's house in Sunway. Ironically despite our SLRs, this is the only picture we have with all of us - using my iPhone!

Amar's Graduation Ceremony 2

This was all of us at the end of the ceremony. Dyanna kindly came to help take our picture.

Amar's Graduation Ceremony 1

This was Amar after the animal make up. He struggled while the make up was applied but tolerated till the end.

Eid Adha 1

My parents organised an Eid dinner at their house in Puchong and invited most of the Sarawakian side of the family, the ones around in KL. It was great to see and get acquainted with everyone again. The last we'd seen each other was when my grandfather passed away in Sarawak.

Berjamaah with my family

I haven't prayed together with my family for a long time, and recently during Eid Adha there was an opportunity to do so. It's been a while since we rarely gather up with my parents living so far away in Kuala Terengganu.

IOI Mall 1

Having a late night green tea latte with my family and siblings. Collecting 12 stamps to get the 2011 Starbucks journal.

IOI Mall 2

All of us. I was trying to let Amar try my Green Tea Latte.

IOI Mall 3

Nurul and Nisa sneaking up on Amar on the way home.

Amar's Evaluation 3

Waiting for our turn to meet teacher Charisma

Amar's Evaluation.

Talking with teacher Charisma about Amar's progress at School. She said Amar is progressing well.

Amar and Charisma

Taken at Amar's School. We were glad to see how happy Amar seemed at school with teacher Charisma et al.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 8

The snow globe themed decoration.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 7

Amar purchasing cookies at Famous Amos.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 6

Sarah and Amar bought cookies at Famous Amos, beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 4

An Instagram of the birds nest.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 3

Sarah playing with the "snow", while a group was performing Christmas songs on stage.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 2

Sarah was surprised when "snow" dropped from the ceiling.

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid 1

A hanging birds' nest at Sunway Pyramid

Amar laughing

This was Amar playing with Sarah and he laughed rolling when Sarah made cats ears

Lunch with Amar

Bonding with Amar while having lunch at McDonalds. Nisa was with Sarah at the cinema