Monday, May 08, 2006

Impressions: Opera Mini 2.0

I've managed to download Opera Mini, the mobile phone internet web browser only recently available in version 2.0. Installation to my Sony Ericsson W800 was a breeze via my PC. The download size was a mere 94kb and all I had to do for installation was connect the W800 to my PC using the USB cable and copy the installation files to the "Other" folder on the phone. A click on the installation file and that's it: Opera Mini on my mobile!

I find Opera Mini a pleasure to use. On starting you have to agree to a EULA, and after doing so you are brought straight away to the start page which is simple yet very useful containing a Google search bar, an address bar and several useful Opera related links.

It rendered most of the web pages I tried quickly and I have to say all the webpages I've seen so far rendered pretty well. For example, I put my own blog's address and the pictures above and below shows how the images & text look like. I thought the images were resized really well and the text was readable. I like it!!

Mobile browsing fun, oh boy!

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Download: Opera Mini

ps. Opera is my 2nd favourite browser on the PC. Second to Firefox, of course. But still Opera is an excellent web browser in it's own right.

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