Tuesday, May 23, 2006

uBrowser the 3D browser

is a web browser that embeds uses the rendering engine in Firefox and OpenGL to render web pages in 3D.

Imagine one side of the cube for each tab in Firefox!

via Random Good Stuff


Dyanna said...

If it's gonna be 1 side for each tab, my browser would look like a 3-D decagon.

hiyoshi said...

Kinda reminds me of Vista. Can't wait for the damn OS to come out.

note to self: Must stop over-rating Microsoft products (But the Media Player 11 is just beautiful!)

mynn said...

che ya
ditto, mine would look like a (alamak just realised i don't know the roman word for 20) 20-gon.

1. true! haha, you know yr stuff. it does definitely look like vista. however, linux kinda beat them with the X.org desktop (3d guna opengl too). the version i want to try is OpenSuse Linux 10.1

2. it's cool that you've tried windows media player 11. i originally wanted to dload it, try it and then post it on my blog ... pls elaborate further, best ke guna windows media 11??

3. did you know if you install a msft beta product it takes "special measures" to uninstall? <-- sbb tu i didnt install in the first place. it's risky business trying out beta products my friend.

4. however, argh! im so tempted nak try wm11!!

Anonymous said...

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