Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amar's Recovery

Picture: Finally, decent pictures of Amar's infected finger.
  • Top-left: The finger looks swollen and black.
  • Lower-left: The finger still looked swollen with a yellow collection (pus) under his fingernails. This was after he'd received antibiotics and the abscess has partly burst.
  • Top-right: Amar's ID
  • Lower-right: being imprisoned.
After Amar's operation today, we paid him a visit. According to Nisa, Amar slept soundly after the operation.

When we arrived, Amar did not look poorly but he also did not look his normal cheerful self. When I carried Amar his body seemed noticeably weak and slightly flaccid. However, he still managed to smile when he saw Sarah and soon afterwards they started chasing each other around the playroom again! Amar was also eating with good appetite, a very good sign.

Both of Amar's hands were heavily bandaged. His left was the side operated on, and his right contained an IV cannula for the antibiotics. A surgeon explained to us that necrotic tissue and pus were removed, and Amar's fingernail had detached by itself, due to the infection. They are planning to continue IV antibiotics for several days, with a view to discharge Amar sometime next week if he recovers well.

We left just before Amar's bedtime, so that he could continue to rest but so far, Amar seems to be recovering progressively.

Picture: Amar after the operation. He looks clumsy and funny with the hospital gown. He kept on tripping while trying to chase Sarah around the playroom. Lower-left: Amar still managing a smile despite the ordeal.


kenakelayan said...

Glad to see him looking better and more cheerful. Hope he gets back to normal quickly, ameen.

Mama Sarah said...

o-oh, amar tak tenteram ni. tidur atas riba.may be painkillers dah worn off.

mynn said...

sarah pun terjaga ni bie, mintak tidur kat bawah. garu2. bie, mintak lah painkillers kalau dia nampak sakit.

OK said...

Hmm painkillers.. bahaya tau.. boleh ketagih..

In the pics he does look so much better... hehehe.. love to long pyjamas/robe

mynn said...

O-K, cuba refresh your browser on my blog. you're probably the first one to see my new header.

sorry for the very frankensteined header. obviously my GIMP skills are still not up to scratch (haa, pun seriously not intended).

Rosli Othman said...

glad to see that amar is recovering! btw, i like your new header would probably blend in better in photoshop. Was it shot handheld or on a tripod?

mynn said...

pictures for the header were shot using a cameraphone je rosli! so i suppose i was using a "handheld"

i think GIMP and photoshop has similar functions, i think it's more my skills than GIMP itself. infact in the tutorials, the author mentioned alot of the techniques were borrowed from photoshop gurus. maybe we should discuss photoshop techniques later rosli

auntie de said...


like the header! very serene, tapi tak la pulak kena ngan title SCRATCH THAT ITCH? what itch? where to scratch? heehee.. but what the hey.. do keep the header and the title!

children are so sincere and honest about how they feel, its so endearing. am so glad he's feeling better! :D

OK said...


btw my plant has shutdown again this day. this time for two whole months.

sorry if i am a little late in the reply.. just got out of meetings.. the new banner is cool.. though with photoshop you are able to smoothen the points where the edges meet

OK said...

Hello again,

Sorry to leave looong comments but i feel the need to just put something long but too short for the other blog...

Today was a hectic day, we started out trying to get the second line up and running, but by lunch it was apparent that the heat exchanger that leaked previously have leaked again.

So it was decided to shutdown the plant.

That was not what made it very hard though... at noon just as the proble got worse, one of my guys got a call informing him his father passed away. i gave him the day off and two days leave to sort that out. So we had to find a replacement for him ASAP.

One of my Superintendants (SS) also had a problem. His father had to amputated his leg because of diabetes. He wanted to visit later but his mother ordered him to come home. The words were ,"Ayah ko jari dah potong, kaki dah potong, ko nak tunggu dia mati baru ko nak balik?!" So I had to let him go. As a result, someone else had to take his place, someone very tired.

As for the guys, well yesterday we were cheering as we started the plant, the same crew now have to bring her back down.

Talk about an emotionally packed day... hmm who says the life of an plant man (orang kilang) was boring??


mynn said...

Auntie de
you make a good point about the banner not having ANYTHING to do with "scratch that itch"... mental note to self: lain kali fikir dulu before buat banner! I'm not keeping the banner though, sementara je. i was experimenting after reading the latest GIMP tutorials (gimp gurus & photoshop masters out there mesti tengah cursing at my n00b-ness). but the banner does look almost like the final product. insya Allah ill be learning how to blend the photos abit more seamlessly, then we're in business.

also auntie de, i got the sms you sent mama sarah this morning & have relayed the msg to her. we swapped phones again so that nisa could use the internet (i asked her to reply the comments on her blog). Nurses kata amar may be able to be discharged today, when someone reviews him. i hope so. turnover at that ward is really2222 fast we notice. As for mama sarah, i think she's tired. she had to wait for amar to sleep before being able to take a shower. amar cried last night (tapi sekejap je, not in pain) and mama sarah slept at around 4am jugak, sempat jawab blog smlm (my god, semua orang kat blog ni burung hantu betul).

haha, noted about photoshop being better. maybe i should invest in a copy. but i am a big fan of open source, and don't you think it's amazing a FREE software is almost as powerful as photoshop? about the story re: your plant. kelakar! especially "tunggu ayah ko mati baru ko nak balik?!" i am 100% on the mother's side though, so fair enough. your story makes me think of homer simpson's nuclear plant for some reason. hehehe. if it is homer simpson's nuclear plant i wonder which character you are ...

hiyoshi said...

Good to see the little one up and about again. Hope the recovery process doesn't face any complications.

By the way, it's funny that you should be thinking of Homer Simpson at the mention of the plant. Now I can't get the image of that yellow bald guy with a pot belly out of my head -_-"

mynn said...

hahaha, ditto. when O-K mentioned about his plant i the same image was conjured in my mind.

kenakelayan said...

I think some of the people who run that particular plant must be related to Mr. Burns... :D

mynn said...

maybe it is Mr Burns running that plant!

Anonymous said...

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