Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Must! : Float's Mobile Agent

If you have a Sony Ericsson phone, and you have always wanted to save your text messages onto your computer, then today is your day as I'll be introducing Float's Mobile Agent (or FMA for short. Note: not to be confused with Full Metal Alchemist).

FMA is a free phone manager for Sony Ericsson mobiles:
  • Connect your mobile to your PC via Bluetooth, USB cable or infra-red,
  • View and save your SMS, pictures, files, contacts and profiles
  • Send SMS (typing sms using the keyboard is WAY easier)
  • Answer and make phonecalls. Not only that, you can also assign pictures to your contacts. As you receive calls, their picture is displayed on your monitor.
  • View your mobile's statistics: phone battery life, signal strength and phone temperature.
  • Calendar functions
  • Add scripts (read: extensions) to add more functionality. One script allows you to control your PC's media player using your mobile via Bluetooth.
and much, much more...

This was the software that many years ago, made me start to love open source software so much. It's free and is continuously updated at very regular intervals (weekly to monthly) each time adding increased functionality and stability. FMA is extremely useful and BETTER than first party software provided by the manufacturer.

FMA has been my favourite for years. It is merely around 4 Mb, it has no problems detecting my W800 via a USB cable or Bluetooth. FMA is simply a delight to use and a must have.

So, if you have a Sony Ericsson mobile don't hesitate and download Float's Mobile Agent now!



OK said...

Akum Ichi,

Writing from the office.. manae to get some quiet minutes.

About opensource kan, i was thinking companies like Petronas do not embrace opensource.. it would save millions in annual software licensing etc.. by going that way we can use the money for more beneficial stuff.

kalau bukak company maybe i should use totally open source software.. so kalau kena raid ops tulen tak jadi masalah.

but the problem id I suspect microsoft in malaysia ada local partner who is a big person in the government or a friend of the government.

Jadi Petronas is being milked like the cash cow it is...

mynn said...

waalaikum salam

true, open source software could theoretically save a company loads of money. however

1. some software have different licenses for companies (so if it's for home use it could be totally free, but for company use -- some restrictions/payment)

2. open source operating systems are quite widely used around the world in big companies to save cost (especially linux). however, training someone to use a different operating system could be a BIG problem

3. making web pages, documents (like word) to appear absolutely the same across platforms could be a MAJOR headache.

but you're right, there could be cost savings if you adopt open source in businesses.

ps. open suse 10.1 baru keluar, it looks amazing sebab guna the X desktop (X is the desktop that uses your graphics card to make your desktop graphics more pretty -- like 3d effects, distort, transparency etc2 -- can't wait to give it a go! skrgn tengah download the 4Gb iso)

hiyoshi said...

I agree with your reasons, mynn. I don't think corporate companies might be seeing an open source future yet.

But imagine if it did.....!

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