Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amar is Hospitalised

A lot has happened in the past 24 hours both during my oncall and afterwards. I'll detail what happened during my oncall later but just would like to tell you guys that now Amar (my 1 year old son) is warded in Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital.

It happened so quickly.

Yesterday when Amar woke up, we noticed his left middle finger has become red, swollen and hot - a sign of infection. This is the third time Amar has had an infection affecting his left fingers, and it is twice now on the same one. There was no evidence of any trauma, and as far as we know nothing has ever happened to his fingers. It's really strange. We went to see our GP yesterday, and he prescribed another course of flucloxacillin.

After my oncall last night I arrived home and went to sleep. Immediately after I woke up, Nisa worriedly showed me Amar's finger which has now looked sickeningly black and has grown 2-3 times since yesterday. Black tissue means necrotic tissue, a worrying sign. Still groggy from being awoken and without even a proper chance for me to get ready (and have "breakfast"), we all got in the care and drove to Walsgrave Accidents & Emergency.

This time we were seen relatively quickly (within 1 hour?). The doctor who saw Amar immediately referred us to the orthopaedic surgeons at a hospital the other side of town.

I have just now returned, just with Sarah. Poor Sarah is upstairs right now, fast asleep from the tiring day. Amar and Nisa is at the hospital. The surgeons are still reviewing Amar now, but most likely he will have to have his finger operated to drain the abscess pus.

This picture is just to give you an idea of what it looks like, but please be assured Amar's finger does not look quite as bad as this:

Nisa took lots of pictures just now, as soon as I have more news I'll post more in the blog. I hope everything would be okay by tomorrow.

what with my recent night oncalls, frenetic studying, exams, oncalls again and then this; it feels to me as if the week has gone on and on. My long week has been punctured by only scatterings of sleep.

*Update* 19 May 2006 10am
Nisa called at 9am just now saying that the consultant orthopaedic surgeon has finished his ward round. Amar's abscess has popped by itself so I guess they are abandoning the procedure. The consultant would like Amar to be admitted for 48 hour intravenous antibiotics as well as a test to rule out diabetes.

Hm, my heart skipped when Nisa mentioned diabetes. It's strange as there's no history of type 1 diabetes in both my family's side nor Nisa's. However, Nisa has mentioned diabetes since December, and

Anyway, at the moment I've just finished bathing Sarah and she's eating breakfast (toast and cheese while watching a DVD). After I get ready, we're going to pay Amar & Nisa a visit.

Will post updates later.


Mama Sarah said...

sekarang kita rs lah apa parents kita rasa keluar masuk hospital. amar pun dah tidur ni. tadi reg dtg tgk. dok hmm hmm je. muka tgh tidur lagi. anyway dia dah sign consent utk book amar 4 (mini) operation. dia pun pelik kenapa jari amar infected. and dia tak nak spread further the whole finger. amar will be on GA esok. unless consultant says otherwise. i mean no op.

Mama Sarah said...

i forgot to ask if the incision would involve stitches afterwards. kesiannya amar.
p/s lapaaarnya. amar tidur beriba. nangis bila letak. i takut bising ganggu org lain tidur.

mynn said...

for the record: nisak kat hospital skrg, and she is using my phone. she's using opera mini (my utmost recommendations to install on your mobile for internet browsing) to access internet & blogs and that's how she's able to post up the above.

sarah tidur berdengkur kat atas tu, kesian sangat i tengok. memang penat sbb sarah sehari tak tidur kot. i tengah makan ni, sbb lapar 1 hari tak makan proper. incision whether kena stitch or not depends on size of the cut. sesetengahnya maybe kena jahit, tapi kalau small enough diorang guna glue or plaster (by plaster i dont mean plaster of paris, i mean steristrips - something like elastoplast) je.

Mama Sarah said...

bby, u'd better get some sleep too. sarah bangun awal. nanti u letih kena layan dia. pastu nk visit amar lagi.

mynn said...

aik, you pun tak tidur lagi ke bie? macamana tidur kat hospital, sejuk ke?

i tengah lapar ni, i makan crispy creme satu dgn air teh pastu tidur lah. i aim nak tdur pukul 2 tadi tapi tak ngantuk takut tengok ceiling je.

i tengah belajar GIMP ni, wow .... best giler gimp ......

Mama Sarah said...

i dah terlelap tadi. ni tgn cramp, sempit tidur dgn amar. sejuk tp ada selimut. ada budak meracau, sakit. amar terjaga tp nw dah tidur balik. kol 5, nurse nak kejut sbb nk bagi amar minum air.

auntie de said...


we will all be praying for amar to get well soon! kisses and cuddles. i terjaga malam semalam lps tidurkan safiya and tak boleh tidur teringatkan amar. rasa geram jugak kat gp tu yang takmo bagi calpol pun. kejam sungguh! anyway, matter at hand, amar, get well soon, insyaAllah

Dyanna said...

get well soon Amar...

nnydd said...

Oo, kesiannya. Hopefully no bad diagnosis.

Allahumma yassirlana wassalamati wal 'afiyati fi dunyana wa dinina, kun lana sohiban fi safarina wa khalifatan fi ahlina. (Make it easy for us, and peace and cure for us in our worldly and religious lives, You are our friend in our wayfaring and the best of substitute for our family in our absence.) - du'a of Syeikh Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili, insya-Allah mustajaban

kenakelayan said...

Ameen to all the doas... I hope little Amar will be well soon, inshaAllah.

:) Nnydd, tak kena ada ijazah ke kalau nak baca doa tu?

Rosli Othman said...

Salam Muh, Just got the news from Hila. I hope its not serious..Will pray for you guys. InsyaAllah Amar will get well soon. Do keep us updated.

mynn said...

thanks everyone. hari ni visit amar again, i've updated both nisak's and my blog with what happened.

mama sarah sends her love, dia kata thanks for being so concerned. hopefully balik soon both of them.

nnydd said...

For the record, no. This du'a is actually edited from Hizb al-Bahr li al-Syeikh ash-Shadhili, but is known as one for public use.

However, should you have the chance to be properly 'certified' for reading it according to its kaifiyya, number, and hour, go for it.

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