Thursday, May 11, 2006

Away for 2 nights

What could a picture of a stethoscope, coffee, chest xray and a night view outside of my room at work possibly mean?

Yup, night oncall (again)!

From tonight I will be doing a set of night oncalls again. A night oncall entails being oncall from 9 pm to 10am the following morning. During this time I'd be looking after patients on the medical wards (that's around 300 unwell people) and attend to them should they destabilise during the night. I would be partially responsible to seeing patients who arrive on the Medical Admission Unit as well. On average we receive around 30 patients in 24 hours (it's only a small hospital).

It's not all bad, as I'll be oncall with quite a few other people in the team: A registrar, a Senior Senior House Officer (or who we call a "SSHO". She happens to be my ward's own SSHO) and a fellow Senior House Officer (SHO).

Before doing a night oncall, we have the day off (that's why I'm not working now) ... This is how I prepare myself for a night oncall: sleep as late as possible the night before, and wake up as late as possible the morning after. That's my personal way of "cardio"verting my bio-clock to a nocturnal rhythm.

Although tiring, doing night oncalls could be fun. You are given more responsibility and independence, therefore more opportunities to learn and gain experience. Furthermore, overnight the hospital is calmer and quieter which is the better environment to work.

Hopefully our night oncalls will be okay ...

Note: I may not post anything for the next 2 nights as I'll away, but I'll post if I can. See you guys later! Posted by Picasa


Rosli Othman said...

Hey there Muh...lama tak drop by. sorry la..very2 busy now! my final assessment Mid June ni and I still dont have enuff good pix for my portfolio argghhhh! tension tahap gaban ni!! anyway, got two new updates on my FP and another one coming soon (a male model shoot)kim salam Nisa. I heard your parents are coming, betul ke?

Rosli Othman said...

you might wanna see this..

Rosli Othman said...

maximize kan window ni baru nampak habis link atas tu.

dr in the house said...

Knowing you Mynn, I'd expect regular entries as usual, calls or no calls, :))

Ikelah said...

lawa close up tu... esp the stet. cuma res rendah and pecah bila enlarged.

best la kalau sebelum night duty ada day off.... sini terussssss saja...only now ada night off... during my hospital days.... habis malam terus kerja and kerja including the public hols.

This MGS4 trailer... what is it actually? movie or what?

auntie de said...


mynn, bila i nak belanja u all makan ramen kat wagamama ni? hee hee.. :) lepas u habis nights? ok tak tu..

Mama Sarah said...




auntie de said...

hehe, i nak text kat you tau pagi tadi, pas tu i teringat, eh i dont have a fone anymore. and mama sarah also dont have a fone anymore! sedih.. tapi Alhamdulillah! nanti kita gi wagamama, insyaAllah. thanks to all of u for your support!

Mama Sarah said...

p/s auntie de, many congratulations again!!! a third way more!

after nites - not feasible. (sorry have to answer on behalf of mynn, incase he forgets)

his big day is on 16th.

any time after that weekend, insyaAllah ok. kita pun berangan, nak jalan ke wrexham - nak pergi chester zoo/aquarium.

Mama Sarah said...

ps: please make doa for mynn too.

auntie de said...

yeah, okay. thought he wont be available this weekend anyway because of the night shift? wont be going back to nottingham this weekend anyway. nanti kita bincang bincang plans okay? (selamba je spam orang punya comments box)

of course, we will all make doa for mynn for his big day on the 16th. ameen..

kenakelayan said...

Congrats to Auntie De!!! :D *victory dance*

And good luck to Mynn for the 16th... duas all round... saya pun nak... :)

dr in the house said...

Congrats to AUntie De and good luck to Mynn...insyallah berjaya semua !

Aboh Danial said...

To Mama Emyr...Congrats on your Exam!
To Mama Sarah..wah wah wah..byk nye plan outing dia with Mama Emyr! takde ke dalam salah satu plan tu yg menghala ke arah London ni? Anyway, as usual la kan..I nak iklan free kat sini there's a male model entry on my fotopages. Click on my name above if interested TQ.

mynn said...

Ah thanks for the heads up. I've had a look. wow, i've taken many pictures of the subjects in your photos but they never look like that when i take the photos. lawa gambar emyr & uncle zainal i thought. (gambar parents emyr pun lawa jugak:p)

haha, you're right. See, i'm blogging now even when im oncall (if im not busy).

thanks for the critique. I feel slightly embarrased as i don't have an SLR and of course my photos are not worthy, but i do welcome your comments. Really like the photos on your site, maybe you and rosli could discuss with each other how to improve you techniques;) btw im also embarrased to say that MGS4 is a videogame. specifically, a Playstation 3 game. I used to be a gamer, but now partially retired as i am now married with 2 kids and a "busy" job. but i still like to keep up with gaming news especially gaming technology (both hardware and software).

Auntie De
CONGRATULATIONS!!! terrer auntie de, always known you'd pass.

heheh, looking forward to Wakamama.ask uncle de to reward you with a new phone!

KKL & Everyone:
amin. thanks for your good wishes & doa on my behalf. really appreciate it.

Not A Size 10 said...

bby! now you will remember how to spell embarrass. Double r. double s.

not to tunjuk pandai, tapi you baru je bagi tutorial "banish typos etc"

yes, auntie de the genius!

Mama Sarah said...

arkk silap nama di atas. takut mama sarah jealous nanti.

auntie de said...


hey what is mama sarah doing up at 2-3 am in the morning? tunggu subuh ke? hehe.. thanks to all. rezeki anak-anak la, Alhamdulillah

summertime mmg best lah. eii tak sabar nak buat plans for activities ni. a barbecue or five is a must! hee hee..

auntie de, fan of cats! said...

p/s: speaking of pictures, i SUKA SUKA SUKA SGT iKelah's avatar of the cat in the bowl tu. kucing sendiri ke? chumel ..

mynn said...

if you like that picture auntie de, cuba tengok kat his blog, banyaaak lagi pictures of really cute cats. diorang suka cats.

(so does KKL).

Me - use to be a cat lover, & my father absolutely loves cats. until i realised cats were the reason I was always sneezing so much!! no more cats for me.

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