Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Week in Summary (The past 2 weeks)

  • (Textbook) Essential Revision Notes for MRCP, Kalra -- excellent all-in-one book for everyone thinking of doing MRCP, seriously.
  • (Site) eMedicine.com -- Brilliant site for revision. Remember to use the Firefox extension scrapbook to annotate! (scrapbook is truly one of the best Firefox extensions there is for anyone using the net to study)
  • (Book) Hedgecoe's Complete Guide to Photography
  • Other people's blogs
  • News from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2006)
  • (Anime) Eureka Seven
  • (Anime) School Rumble Season 2
  • (Anime) Witchblade
  • (Anime) Nana
  • (Anime) Beyond the Clouds
  • Sekai no Yakusoku, Howl's Moving Castle OST


hiyoshi said...

I tried playing Flow, and now I feel like I'm a shrimp. With four legs.

mynn said...

to be perfectly honest, i dont get the objective of flOw myself. tapi i always love free flash games, especially ones as stylish as flow, whoops, flOw.

feel free to recommend any :)

Anonymous said...

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