Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Aida

Happy Birthday!! Semoga diberkati Allah, dimurahkan rezeki & dipanjangkan hidup Aida. Congratulations :)

This weekend we're planning to see you guys, can't wait to bring the kids to the zoo. If you guys are willing lets go to the cinema for X-Men 3 this weekend, I'll pay.

Take Care Aida. This song for you:


auntie de said...


haha, thanks a bunch! (no pun intended) improving on the GIMPing skills i see? safiya looks cuter with the tulips! heehee.. nice one. again, thanks mynn!

mynn said...

sehari i toil around doing it tau auntie de. bukannya sebab susah, tapi i dok asyik tukar layout. i wanted to use your picture, tapi semua gambar you yang i ada lama2, takut you tak approve pulak ;)

hahaha yup made using GIMP. anyway, think about tengok xmen3 this weekend, i belanja korang tau

i still nak claim wagamama ramen!

hiyoshi said...

Aida is just too cute! And yes, the tulips do bring out the best in her :)

Not trying to be nosy but....what's a wagamama ramen?

OK said...


try reading the previous blogs about the MRCP exams.. hehehe.. aunty de promised to belanja ramen lepas habis exam..

Dyanna said...

GIMPing skills getting better I see.. good job.

Safya sangat comel lah K. Aida.

Mama Sarah said...

teringat zaman u all final year dulu lah lagu ni.

the last part of this clip - "the king record" bit, tak tahan betul. tu punnak promote.

happy birthday again!

auntie de said...

Eeheeheehee.. thank you dyanna!

hiyoshi: hehehe.. dah lamaa orang tak cakap i cute tau. hiyoshi, the little girl in the picture is my daughter Safiya. apparently muh thinks my picture is no longer fit for public viewing, hahaha.. tak de la, myn, joking.yes, id much rather safiya's picture than mine. at least she hasnt got any wrinkles! :P

yes, i promised mynn and family that i would treat them to a round of ramen at this restaurant called WAG(K)AMAMA. let me know when you all nak pegi mynn!

mynn said...

bie (using the blog as a substitute for sms, sbb nisa hilang phone)
i dah boleh balik ni (2pm) so insya allah sampai in 1 hour utk bawak amar pegi clinic. see you soon. oh btw, i tak cuti this bank holiday monday. instead i oncall from monday-thursday .. long days. next month i byk giler oncall one set (of week) every alternate week.

so nak pegi ke Wrexham hari ni lepas bawak amar ke clinic? sbb i kena balik on saturday to prepare utk oncall.

also just realised utk swap mrcp punya pasal i oncall waktu yang sangat tak strategic ...

BAKA nya i ni!!!

ala ... i'm just following the tutorials. it's not difficult at all, anyone could do the same, seriously.

(sorry if you know this:::) but ramen is japanese noodles in a soupy base. wagamama is one of the restaurants we frequent located in Nottingham where auntie de's family lives. We also go to the Wagamama in birmingham (which is only 30 minutes away from where mama sarah & i live). Wagamama is a fusion restaurant with japanese themes. It's not purely japanese though, the dishes tend to have vietnamese, thai, chinese and malay subtleties teasing the palate. My favourite is probably the seafood ramen (salmon teriyaki ramen is my 2nd favourite). my friends unanimously love the Amai Udon. auntie de promised to take us to Wagamama if she passes her MRCP exams, and she has:)

also hiyoshi, the picture is of auntie de's daughter safiya. she sent me that as a Picture msg yesterday asking about amar so i copied the picture to my PC, worked on it with GIMP, and posted it on my blog.

Auntie de
actually i bukan seriously tuntut tau aida, only if it's convenient:) i also have lots of other suitable pictures but i takut you tak approve. enjoying your new phone nampak;) ?

kenakelayan said...

Oh wow

I just realised something. Bilik Aida ke yang saya tidur dulu kat Cardiff?

kenakelayan said...

:) Happy Happy Birthday... ameen to all the doas... and may Allah continually bless you and your family...

mynn said...

i think you're right KKL, bilik yang you guna dulu kat cardiff if i remember correctly was bilik aida. have you met her in person yet?

hiyoshi said...

*slaps forehead* I'm so sorry for mistaking safiya for auntie de. I do hope she takes it as a compliment i.e. nampak muda!

Mama Sarah said...

Let me slap your forehead once again


does that feel better hiyoshi?

(mesti memalukan for making such mistake. i hate it if it happens to me. makes me feel wanna hide under the table. ie mistakenly said cannister to cannula)

OK said...

loading of the video was causing my pc to hang a bit.. so I have switched to different slightly faster pc.

Thank god it's a weekend so I can at least enjoy the use of the faster pcs. usually another my planning team uses it.

Ironic as I get the slowest PC on the plant.. ah well..

Make do with what I have.

Day 6 of the shut down... things are quiet and serene, unlike yesterday. Yesterday was hectic and terrible.

I must say I am much calmer today than I was yesterday. What a difference it makes when we remove one rowdy individual. The whole team is gelling better. In fact, if someone is too disruptive and uncoorperative, then it may at times be better to severe the cord.

any way, keep on writing, looking forward to reading them.


auntie said...


hiyoshi: s'allright mate, an honest mistake. i get like that before my morning coffee as well ;P

KKL: the front room downstairs at smeaton street? yes! i used to live there. errr.. i hope i left the room for you in a good condition. but i msut have missed the chance to meet you in person, kan? was it the summer i went back to msia after our graduation?

MS: cannister mistaken for a cannula? hiyoshi, are you going to repay that slap on the forehead? ;D

alamakk.. you know the night before i discovered that you'd added the video, i was actually singing the song! hee hee.. but youre right MS, nostalgic la lagu ni. love love LOVE fruits basket...

hiyoshi said...

mama sarah

Thanks for the wake up call. Really needed that :P

Oh, memang memalukan apabila tersalah panggil seseorang dengan nama lain. Tetapi memandangkan ini hanya dalam dunia siber, maka tidak ada keperluan untuk menyorok bawah meja. Mencukupi dengan menyorok di belakang langsir (seperti bermain sorok2 pula)

auntie de

I'll make sure to get my dose of morning coffee too after this!

mynn said...

silap i jugak getting you confused hiyoshi, birthday aida but i put up safiya's picture ... how does that make any sense? [answer = none]

Auntie De
before KKL came, bilik you masya allah. we had to clear up the und*** bersepah2 atas lantai (Joking!!! kemas lah)

also auntie de, i pun coincidence jgk, terjumpa balik the CD yang ada the fruits basket song. it's been missing for years.

tak boleh bawa your own laptop ke office ke?

OK said...

laptop dah hancurkan... ;((

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

FURUBA!! I love this anime A LOT.. Thanks to the presence of Kyo and Shigure! :)

mynn said...

Furuba is one of the first anime series I watched (the absolute first was Love Hina, and the second is X the TV series. Furuba is probably the third. Then I realised I've become addicted to anime).

kenakelayan said...

:D Yes! Don't worry it was very neat. I realised I am such a tomboy.. hehehe. Yes inshaAllah we can meet oneday... biler ye?

mynn said...

auntie de is sometimes closer than you think, as her parents spend weekdays in kent. some weekends she goes over to kent, which is barely 30 mins away from london.

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