Friday, May 19, 2006

Amar in Hospital: Day 2

  • (Upper Right) The ward Amar is staying in. It's the tall white building.
  • (Upper Left) We spent the whole afternoon in the games room of the ward. Sarah really enjoyed herself.
  • (Lower Right) This was Amar yesterday, while waiting to be seen by a doctor in Accidents and Emergency.
  • (Lower Left) A view of the ward.
Amar and Nisa is still in Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital. Amar has been seen by the consultant this morning. To update you guys with previous events, Amar's abscess has popped and so the operation to incise the finger was abandoned. The consultant requested for intravenous antibiotics.

Today, nothing much has progressed! Amar has had an x-ray of the finger to rule out a bone infection (note: a bone infection is extremely serious as bony joints could be destroyed by the infection very rapidly: within hours). He has also undergone a blood test. I heard from Nisa that the staff has had GREAT DIFFICULTY getting blood from Amar. Having worked in paediatrics in the past, I absolutely understand - last night I had a look at Amar's arms and I knew blood taking procedures would be difficult as his veins are extremely scarce.

They have also failed to obtain intravenous access, and so instead of IV antibiotics, Amar is having oral flucloxacillin; which is the exact medication he was taking before admission, at home!

This is the third time Amar has suffered a spontaneous infection of his fingertips and the surgeons are planning to rule out diabetes by doing further tests. There is no history of type 1 diabetes on my side of the family nor Nisa's side, and I really hope to God that Amar doesn't have it.

I am slightly annoyed. For one, Amar is only receiving oral antibiotics, the exact one he would have taken if he had stayed at home. Furthermore, Amar has missed two doses of his antibiotics while in hospital, while the surgeons were trying to get IV access. I'm also annoyed that although Amar has had his xray during early hours of this morning, the xray was only reviewed at around 8pm!

Although it has been a testing few days, everyone in the family seems to be holding well. Amar today seemed extremely happy to see Sarah and I as we walked into his cubicle. Soon after, Amar and Sarah were both chasing each other around the whole ward (while we watched everyone else's children sitting quietly by their beds). Amar's finger has only slightly gotten better.

Nisa, poor Nisa, looked understandably tired and slightly sleep deprived. Because we hadn't planned for Amar to stay in hospital last night, we overlooked bringing spare clothes, nappies, toiletries, money, a fully charged phone and any food. I would leave describing Nisa's state to fellow readers' own imagination, as it'd be too unpleasant for me.

Sarah, I cannot really tell. At the moment it's only the two of us in the house, and at times she does mention "Mama?" and "Amar?". However, whatever she's feeling inside, she's putting up a brave, cheerful face and I honestly could not tell if she's unhappy.

As for me, I'm still trying to recover from my nights oncall. I'm quite sleep deprived, managing only 2 hours of sleep last night (but I feel absolutely fine!). I'm also not eating anything proper (as is Nisa, I'm sure) because all the time I have is split between visiting and taking care of Sarah.

On that note, I think I'll catch up on some sleep now. Mama Sarah sends her love to everyone and said, "Sorry I couldn't update my blog, I will as soon as I get back. Thank you everyone for all the kind words."

I know staying in hospital is mind-numbingly boring. Today I have bought for Nisa:
1. A sudoku puzzlebook
2. Narnia DVD (she has always been hinting she wanted to watch Narnia as she is a fan of the books).
3. A book (I'll keep the title a secret as not to embarrass her).
4. A magazine (also a secret).
5. I lent her my phone for internet access (Using Opera Mini 2.0, of course)
6. LOTS OF FOOD. Chocolates, sandwiches, sushi, pasta, juice and sweets.


hiyoshi said...

I sincerely hope Amar gets through his ordeal as quickly and swiftly as possible. It is always a pity when illnesses hit children. To me, children should lead a healthy and cheerful life whilst growing up.

But then again, it is not in our power as humans to decide whether the child should fall sick or not.

Rosli Othman said...

Glad to hear that Amar's finger is slightly better today. Hope all is well soon. Hope Muh is coping well with his housework and baby-sitting as well as Nisa with her Hospital 'On-calls' :D

auntie de said...


uii.. baca magazine apa ha? secret sangat tu? heehee... i seriously dont know which is more embarrassing: letting us know the title of the books and magazines or keeping it a secret, especially from readers with such active imaginations :P

Mynn said...

magazine nisak: good housekeeping je. tak tau lah dia segan or not if i say the title.

mine is a different story! (statement: the magazine is not in any way "titillating")

Amar's finger has actually gotten much worse, he is now undergoing an operation to remove the pus.

Thanks, and thanks for reading! As you said, kesian kat little ones when they have to undergo an operation at such an early age. As far as I know I am so far lucky - tak pernah kena operation pun lagi (um except minor dental extractions and you know, the "wajib one"). so i cannot relate what having an operation is like apart from just from previous observations as a HO.

kenakelayan said...

:D I was just about to suggest Good Housekeeping too!! They do have nice articles...

Lemme guess the book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?

Lemme guess your mag:
PC Zone?
(ni semua bab titillating jugak but in a good clean way, hehehe)

kenakelayan said...

I hope Nisa will feel stronger and better soon. Vitamin B6 for energy?

mynn said...


good guesses KKL. It's true Mama Sarah has read both the books you mentioned before but they're not titles I would be ashamed of to share;)

as for my magazines - hahaha, i'm a big fan of PC Zone but i ALWAYS feel shy to 1.approach the magazine in public because although the content of the magazine would be 99.9% clean, the covers would show skimpily dressed models. the models ABSOLUTELY do not represent what's inside the magazine. I prefer if they'd keep it clean both in & out though!

Stuff, i rarely buy stuff (almost never). although it's a magazine about tech & gadgets the photos of the models are just way too sexy.

she's finished alot of her sudoku puzzles
she's looking better.
i think she's tired carrying amar around. amar is himself very heavy, plus having to carry him for hours on end .... imagine the aching muscles.

Anonymous said...

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