Monday, September 10, 2007

A Short Update

It's a shame, I had waited around a week to update the blog by visiting this cyber cafe - but now that I'm here I only have a short time. My parents just called saying they're coming over. While I have time, I'll just comment on the pictures below:

This weekend with my family. We celebrated my father's birthday (I didn't dare ask how old he was) and my brother Azim's & his wife Salamiah's wedding anniversary. We had a good selection of food- satay, lots of cake and keropok (yum) that would make a dietician have a heart attack thinking of all the calories and saturated fats!

Currently we are living with my in-laws - hopefully they don't mind the extra heads in their house while I am looking for work. Hopefully if I do find work it wouldn't be too far from them. At the moment, I am aiming to start work right after Eid. That's the curent plan. I fear if I start work too soon it'll be no annual leave over Eid for me- and I haven't celebrated Raya with my family for over 11 years! so just this once...

Sarah going swimming with her cousins

Sarah fascinated by the variety of bugs not present in England.

My sister Sarah with Azim's daughter.

Taking it easy eating keropok by the lake one lazy afternoon

The food here is marvellous, of course (just don't dare count the calories!).

Using my new wide angle lens - heh heh.

Our family is finally complete. Above is EVERYONE in my family.

Tug of war. Although Sarah and her cousins were looking forward to our return, they unfortunately couldn't tolerate each other that much - they constantly bicker and fight. "Eldest Sister Syndrome" or ESS I call it. Both are fighting to be the alpha-female.

got to go now, my parents are almost here!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Visitors and Friends

Salams everyone,
Sorry for MS's and my infrequent updates on the blog. Unfortunately, we don't have constant internet access anymore and our updates have to be limited to whenever we could get logged on. At the moment, my only other means of access is by using a cybercafe -- the rates are not bad here, I think I'll be visiting this cafe a lot more often from now on.
It's been around a week since we arrived in Malaysia, but to me it feels almost like it's been years since we've left the UK. I'm happy to report that I'm slowly getting over the initial culture- and whatever else- shock and ... I'm actually gradually starting to enjoy it.
For example, the weather is always so nice here - and always quite warm. Thank goodness we made that stop over by Dubai, as to us, the weather here is SO pleasant in comparison. I wouldn't say it's that hot at all.
In terms of food, our little ones that are Sarah and Amar are still trying to adjust themselves. The food here are probably a bit to spicy and tastes subtly different - that they are not eating as much as we would like them to. The milk ABSOLUTELY tastes different - and for the first few days Amar and Sarah had been refusing even milk. It has taken them a while but now they are complaining less and are starting to improve their intake.
I am very happy with the support from family and friends here in Malaysia. It is so nice to have family around and I am looking forward to meeting my own parents this weekend (we are currently with Mama Sarah's parents - who are both absolutely wonderful). As of friends, quite a few of our blog friends have sent sms-es and have arranged to meet - we are meeting a couple of them tomorrow, in fact (heh heh heh). Above is a photo of one such meeting we had over the Merdeka weekend - of Dyanna, Wan and Mama Sarah (left, centre and right, respectively).
Okay, sorry to end this a bit abruptly but I do have a few more things to do while I have internet access. I'll write more once I can. Wassalam.