Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Impressions on Nintendo's E3 Conference

Just finished watching Nintendo's E3 press event streaming via Gamespot (thanks Gamespot!)

Salient points:
  1. The Wii-mote has another secret: built in speaker to give "depth of sound". For example while firing an arrow in Zelda you'll be able to hear the sound of the arrow shooting from the remote to the TV. Another innovation from Nintendo! Very clever.
  2. After watching Sony's event yesterday, the graphics on Wii definitely looks underwhelming. Current-gen graphics.
  3. The nunchaku attachment also has motion sensors built in.
  4. Zelda Twilight Princess is going to be released at lauch (1st Zelda game to be available at launch for a Nintendo console) and they'll be two versions, one for Gamecube and one for Wii.
  5. Metroid Prime Corruption! Wow, looks great! FPS style making use of the Wii-mote controller.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy announced. Nice graphics.
  7. Wii will be connected to the internet even while it's off (consuming power as much as a "tiny light bulb"). Always-connected means developers could "push" content while the console is not being used e.g. new characters, levels etc.
  8. The press conference definitely looks fun especially with Reggie, Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata playing Wii-mote tennis with someone from the audience.
My thoughts:
  1. Wii games definitely looks fun with the motion sensing controller. However, graphics are definitely a generation behind PS3 and X360.
  2. Wii is purportedly going to be cheaper, and if it's fun count me in!
Next is Microsoft's Conference in 15 minutes. Can't wait!


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