Friday, June 09, 2006

The Second Pink Shirt Friday: The Wards Today

The previous "pink shirt day" was a disaster; my friends and I came to the agreement to wear matching bright pink shirts just for laughs guess what happened? Yup, it ended with only ME wearing the orientation-indicative colour.

Well, a week ago we again planned for a pink shirt day: today. My colleagues went to the trouble of actually buying brand new pink shirts to wear for this eventful day. Again, I donned the dreadful coloured shirt, but this time with much less apprehension. The humiliation of last time's singular pink attack has increased my embarrassment threshold I suppose. And what do you know: the whole Naseby team wore pink today; perfect for a Kodak moment:

Pink Power Patrol

In the picture my colleagues did perfect poses, but just I couldn't help laughing! Yep, we did get stares and hoots from practically everyone in the hospital but none of us cared. Soon, everyone will follow suit and every Friday will be pink day! (*insert maniacal laugh*) Muahahaha.

The past week, I was assigned to be the "outliers senior house officer". Due to the limited number of available medical beds, patients who cannot be assigned on a medical ward has to be placed on wards of other specialities like surgery, ENT and urology (hence "outlied" from a medical ward). Being the single person to look after these patients have been a tedious job indeed: the patients were scattered all over the hospital and sometimes the ward rounds would last until way past mid-day.

Being the outliers SHO also meant that I was exempt from my normal ward duties. After I finish tending to the outliers I would normally return to my ward and help out the other two. I was surprised today to find that the HO made special "buttons", and mine read: "Push here to summon Min in an emergency" (LOL):

Where's the panic button?

Ah, the world cup. I bet lots of people will be off blogging this weekend in order to watch football. Today, the nurses were hanging England flags all over the wards:



dr in the house said...

England has never won the cup since Ice Age! So chill down, you, dreaming Brits!! muahahakuangkuang! <==ini baru maniacal laugh!!!

Mynn- the air of camaraderie between you and your colleagues is so profound. I make special dua that you will find similar bondness when you're back here. Ameen.

mynn said...

blank smile from me re: dith's 1st comment (only nisa and my close friends so far know why!)

re: dith's 2nd remark, hehehe
amin. hopefully so as well.

alhamdulillah, so far i've really been blessed with really great work mates (ok, there have been a few i didnt favour), but most were excellent. they really have made working less of a chore and more exciting:)

hiyoshi said...

Yes, wearing pink is so much funnier when you have a couple of friends doing it too :)

Got a laugh at the "Summon Button" picture *LOL*

Will you be supporting England then?

mynn said...

(LOL, kan bie)

which team do you guys support? list them down:

mama sarah said...

awalnya bangun hiyoshi!!! pergi makan breakfast dulu. celik mata dah buka computer. ish3x

football? alalala ada orang speaking football eh bby? *wink*

OK said...

kita sepakat sehati sokong My Team!

auntie de said...

iyo iyo ajola tuh.. tekun sgt tu!

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

I'm all for England, Japan and South Korea!!

hiyoshi said...

mama sarah
Hehehe...Jangan terkeliru. Ketika saya meninggalkan komen itu, masih siang lagi local time :)

I support errr...I don't know yet which team I'll be supporting. Actually, I'm not really into teams. More of into players. Will be looking out for Ronaldinho, Messi and that stiff robot Crouch :P

Dyanna said...

Go...EN-GER-LANG! Yesterday's goal pun, opponent team yang kena sumbatkan.. apa daa..

Anonymous said...

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