Thursday, June 29, 2006

What's New: Tag Cloud

New to my blog as of today is the tag cloud (that's the thing you guys could see on my sidebar, right at the bottom). The tag cloud is basically links to everything I find interesting on the Internet separated into various categories. is an online bookmarking service, a way for you can access your bookmarks no matter which computer or browser you use. I constantly get frustrated at work that I could not access the bookmarks on my PC at home and is a great solution. The best features of are excellent blog integration and also the ability to access other people's bookmarks and tags.

How to put a tag cloud on your blog:
  1. Create an account
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Go here
  4. Then cut and paste the code to your blog. Easy.

Also, here's a link to a Firefox plugin. Uploading bookmarks is then just a click away (if you're using Firefox that is).
As of now, the tag cloud only represents links I find interesting on the net. In the future I may use a tag cloud to categorize entries on my blog. I may even put up two clouds - one for the links and one for the categories.

hehehe, canggih tak bie??
(I bet you kata nampak berterabur)

Better than digg, Uncle De


Mama Sarah said...


berterabur. ya lah jugak. i rasa tak seragam.

link yang atas2 elok tersusun. tiba2 delicious tags, colourful and of different fonts and sizes.

Dyanna said...

i agree with MS.

tadi try buat categories in blogger (with ref to your previous2 post). tapi macam confusing. buat sekerat jalan shj. Does it mean that I have to add links to the categories page in del.i.cious to my blog?


OK said...

I believe in keeping things simple and lazy..hahah..

mynn said...

ha ah, i know it looks messy & cloudy (hehehe). The size and darkness of the fonts represent the number of bookmarks linked to it.

even though it's messy, i like it cos it's not the traditional way people represent information & it's cutting edge:)

Oh D, with there's also an option to enable just a standard, non colourful lists. you know like:

anime (2)
tech (6)
etc etc

just follow the link but choose html rollovers or something.

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