Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Late for Work!

Shock, horror: I woke up at 8.59pm tonight and I was supposed to start nights oncall at 9pm! I went to sleep at 10am, so I had 11 hours of sleep! I missed all my prayers throughout the day, I didn't get to eat any food at all and unfortunately no shower as I literally had only 1 minute to get ready. I rushed to work after a lightning quick tooth brush, shave, wash and change (not to mention enough perfume to drown everyone in the hospital).

And I was only 5 minutes late to work (the hospital is 3 minutes away from my accommodation). Talk about speed.

:) LOL. What a way to start the night. Now, I AM SO HUNGRY!!! I have been without food for 17 hours ;(

It's not looking too busy at the moment so I may nip back to the accommodation and cook some pasta (poor flatmates, I hope the sound of me in the kitchen wouldn't wake them).


hiyoshi said...

Oh, it must have been horrible waking up, looking at the clock and realising you were a couple of minutes away from being late.

But then again, congratulations on being only 5 minutes late (given your situation la)

mynn said...

haha, having done it one or two times before, im quite the expert in getting ready in a FLASH.
how's the new year hiyoshi?

thank god malam ni tak busy sangat. infact sempat balik rumah to watch 2 episodes of Black Cat an anime i'm currently following & masak pasta. however, i'm already hungry again! can't wait for breakfast at 7am.

Dyanna said...

alamak, 1 minit to get ready? Memang cuak.

mynn said...

haha. seminit is enough to do ANYTHING if you're desperate D. hey, takkan tak pernah kot?

Dyanna said...

went somewhere with that 'roll out of bed' look?

hehe... kena byk tonyoh2 muka so that it's not that obvious!

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