Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weekend In Wrexham: Chester Zoo

Sarah was fascinated looking at the monkeys.

Pruritum et Excoria ("Scratch that Itch") . This picture of poppies is NOT intended as my blog's next banner.

People were just sitting on the grass enjoying the sun. There was a "grass garden" growing different types of grasses from around the world.

Wonderful weather & beautiful vistas

Do visit my Tabblo for the complete pictures.

Images were heavily photo-enhanced using Picasa2. Have I mentioned lately how I love the speed and simplicity of Picasa? What a wonderful software to use.


auntie de said...


weather was sooo beautiful that day, Alhamdulillah. lovely pictures mynn, nanti kita datang copy one of these days! ahhh.. love the poppy blossoms. (note mynn: i like the poppy blossoms tau, bukan the hairy little things..:) )

dr in the house said...

Subhanallah! Cantik nya Chester Zoo!

And a 'grass garden'. Wow, who'd ever think of that. To some people all grass probably look the same. But in Malaysia now we do have a variety to chose from for our garden. But still the stray lalang will find their way to invade.

kenakelayan said...

I love all the pemandangan pictures, they are really really good!

hiyoshi said...

I especially like the one with the people picnicking. The sky looks as if a jet plane just passed by :)

mynn said...

auntie de
LOL. it was you who noticed the hairy things in the first place! i was photographing the flowers:p

hmm, seriously never thought they would be different kinds of beautiful grasses in different colours. definitely unique. wish it's more green outside our back garden rather than just plain concrete.

KKL & Hiyoshi
i like the vistas too, the animals at the zoo most of them were boring! some were not seen in their cages & some were sleeping.

lately, i've grown to love taking pictures of the skies. then, using picasa i'd enhance the sky to look very2222 blue (the bluest possible, before they look strange or overpowering) ... in the future i plan to do like you and ikelah & take pictures of sunrise/set.

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