Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last 2 Weeks

  • (Magazine) Computer Shopper Issue Jan 2006 - Thanks Uncle De for the mag!
  • (Magazine) Edge Issue 163, June 2006
  • (Book) Earthsea Chronicles, Ursula le Guin
  • (Book) Reader's Digest Complete Portrait Course ****1/2
  • (Book) Complete Linux Reference for Idiots

  • (Anime) The last few episodes of Yakitate! Japan
  • (Anime) Eureka Seven - finally finished watching this ***
  • (Anime) Planetes
  • (Movie) X-Men III ***
  • (DVD) Narnia ***

  • Mukashi-mukashi no uta *sigh* (not a song title ;)
  • Kimi wa Tomodachi, Ken Hirai
  • Everything Mr Children
  • Only Human, K

  • PS2, Dragon Quest 8 (yup, I finally bought the game)

  • A new hard disk drive, 200Gb around £50
  • To try OpenSuse 10.1, but I still don't have time!

  • Weekend - Sushi for Auntie, Uncle De & friends
  • Backing up data
  • ?Cambridge tomorrow
  • ?Warwick Castle today
Looking Forward
  • (Movie) Over the Hedge, 23 June 2006


ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Can I have a bit of that sushi??? Hehe.. tell us how it turns out.

Oh by the way, I've changed my favorite Mr. Children song. It's "Not Found" now. Sakurai's voice is amazing in the song. My favorite albums by them is between Q or Shinkai.

mynn said...

thanks! had a listen. i always appreciate your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

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