Sunday, June 11, 2006

Poses & Portraits

Mama Sarah

Uncle De and Sarah



Uncle and Auntie De



hiyoshi said...

Wah...mama sarah makes an appearance!

And why's Emyr crying? Did he dropped his ice cream? His cheeks are flushing red!

hiyoshi said...


My goodness. What kind of English am I using here

mynn said...

hehehe, mama sarah finally makes an appearance.

pandai you teka about emyr, he did have icecream & it's either he dropped the icecream or his drinking water (i wasnt there)but he did drop something:)

dr in the house said...

The ever demure Mama Sarah!

And please squeeze Amar again for me!!

crimsonskye said...

Alahai kesiannya emyr.

auntie de said...

lupa nak komen.. mama sarah posing kodak moment la. stylo mylo gitu... :D

Anonymous said...

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