Thursday, June 22, 2006

Picasa for Linux

A few months ago while first trying out SUSE Linux, I mentioned that I was missing a few Windows only applications; like iTunes and Picasa. Well, now that my SUSE is again up and running, I have fallen in love with the iTunes alternative Amarok media player (Amarok is able to monitor and add files real time into the library, a feature sorely missing from iTunes) and for an alternative to Picasa I'm using, um, Picasa! Yup, Picasa was recently released for Linux.

I managed to download and install Picasa without any problems on SUSE. However, running it is a different story. I find the computer would constantly freeze and shut down! (is it just me, or is Linux supposed crash as well?) Anyway, Linux Picasa is still in Beta so bugs are abound.

Can't wait for a full working version.

Link: Picasa for Linux