Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Weekend in Wrexham: The Food

I'll let the tabblo do the talking:

Note: Auntie De scoffed at my previous comment on an entry related to food when I said: "I don't enjoy food like most people". At her house I practically devoured everything! (Picture the Cookie Monster and you'd understand what I was like). I can't help it when the food is too good!


drroza said...

Subhanallah! The food looked great! And one might think that Kiwis grow in abundance at the back of the De(s)'

mynn said...

yup, and the fish was caught in the river by the house as well!
(i'm joking about catching the fish, but not about them having a river by the house).

pycnogenol said...

When you visit another Malaysian's family when you are overseas, food is the BEST part and always top of the agenda. Funny thing is, they can serve you anything at all, and EVERYTHING will taste simply delicious.
In this case, not only is it a feast to the tummy, but also to the eyes.
Long live the De(s) !!!!

kenakelayan said...

Food looks absolutely divine, especially the fish... hmmm... *am thinking of going to the market to buy fish and lempung!!!*

Ikelah said...

Just a suggestion. Ask auntiie de to cook and write a book and you take the pictures.

food macam ni mana boleh nak control makan... hmmmm... delicious.

hiyoshi said...

Suddenly, the mee jawa I had just now tastes bland.

I must remind myself not to eat anything before visiting yor blog after this.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...


"I don't enjoy food like most people" --> you sure??

I take eating as a luxury.... so I don't mind spending a lot on food.

mynn said...

you cant be more right. when we get together it's ALWAYS food, food, food. especially during summer, we always hold barbeques and try to eat somewhere nice.

the sea bass was beautiful in form and taste. it was divine. nice marinade by auntie de, and precise BBQ skills from uncle de.

Uncle De is also really good at taking photos. However this is a quote from uncle de while i was arranging the food for the photo, "lawa sangat lah Muh, BBQs are supposed to be eaten messy ...". Auntie De must be proud her cooking has been gaining lots of praise:) well deserved! she went gave lots of effort in her cooking throughout the weekend.

:) yum.... mee jawa. Nisa makes mean mee jawas too. (do i keep writing about food on my blog?? i should change the title from scratch that itch to feed that hunger or something!)

hehehe ok ok ok, I rephrase "I LOVE FOOD! yum yum"

OK said...

I remember back in the old days i was quite the athelete. I was a sprinter, swimmer, accomplished hockey player, archer etc..etc..

All that stopped when I discovered the joy that is food..

So like in the Dicken's musical let's all sing.."Food glorious Food!"

kenakelayan said...

Sea bass... oh yum... mee jawa.. urm, not too sure what that is. Macam mee kari ke? :D

Yesterday had bubur lambuk lamb, lempung goreng and tomyam. Hehehe.. being not well makes people want to cook for you ;) Also on Saturday someone gave us biriyani, some Turkish bread and spicy gravy. On Sunday it was spicy lamb samosas. Alhamdulillah for kind people. (I think you can sort of tell dah berhari2 saya tak masak).

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