Saturday, June 10, 2006

New Shop is Opening Here Soon.

We went to Tescos several weeks ago and noticed that the Italian cafe there was going to be shut down. We cannot help but feel sorry for the cafe, probably driven out of business by our favourite Starbucks also within the same vicinity.

But I gave a whoot of joy learning that the cafe is going to be replaced with one of my favourite stores! (picture)

Now when can we get a Dixons or PCWorld nearby? Posted by Picasa


ok said...

ware not the temptations of the flesh...for in an x box lies the road to despair...

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

I've never dined in Starbucks.. or Coffee Bean, or anything alike.. there's something about them that turns me off (I don't know what). Some of my friends frequent these places, though.

mynn said...

well said, gaming itself just doesnt tempt me anymore ... reading about it does.

you're not missing much; spending on over expensive bitter coffee. infact, it was my resolution the past few months to severely limit our starbucks outings. saved ALOT.

Anonymous said...

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