Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Weekend Project

Uncle and Auntie De are here to visit and stay the night. We're travelling soon to enjoy the sun, but as not on an empty stomach. Here are what we're up to (culinary wise) this weekend:

*pictures not taken by me this time*

It is a special weekend this time, not only because the World Cup has started, but because Uncle De and family have planned to stay over at our place for the first time ever since the 2 years we've stayed here.

Summer berries icecubes

I was very impressed with Mama Sarah's creativity coming up with this idea. Last time when we visited Uncle De & family in Wrexham, Auntie De made a drink called Shangrila (or San greal, or something). The Shangrila recipe is a secret but my intelligence has reported that citrus fruits, fruit juice and soda was used. Mama Sarah's creation was probably inspired by Auntie De's Shangrila. She froze fresh berries with probably sugar water then served soda and cold herbal tea with the icecubes. The chilled drinks and the subtle berry flavour was absolutely perfect for the hot summer.

Temaki Sushi

One of the reasons Auntie and Uncle De visited us was on the promise that I'd make sushi again. Unfortunately things didn't go so smoothly this time. Just before wanting to roll the sushi I'd realised that we were full out of the seaweed (D'oh!!! *bleeeeeeep*!) so I had to rush to Tescos to restock. The journey to Tesco took 5 minutes and buying the seaweed took 5 minutes. But the journey back took 2 hours! For reasons still unbeknownst to me, there was a police road-block just outside of the store and the way towards our house was sealed. The police only allowed traffic towards the motorway (fine if I was heading out of the city). I took the turn towards the motorway but re-evaluated my choices part-way:
1. Take the motorway and spend 30-40 minutes to find an exit towards home.
2. Turn back to Tesco, buy a magazine/book and go to Starbucks to enjoy coffee alone while waiting for the roadblock to clear.

The choice was clear as day: Starbucks it was. And it was pretty enjoyable. I was reading the book on Linux I've always wanted (Suse Linux 10 Bible) over a smooth and warm Caramel Machiato. While reading I discovered how interesting the book was and (un/fortunately) I just had to buy it. So I did.

Whoops, anyway back to the original story: Once I got back, the intended sushi breakfast became a sushi lunch. I was too flustered to take step-by-step pictures like last time on how to make the Temaki Sushi . Oh well.

The sushi was supposed to be our picnic lunch, but we all finished it there and then, within minutes :)

Uncle De making Tiramisu

Yup, Uncle De in his tangerine pink salmon orange shirt is back at it. I was impressed seeing him making the tiramisu with the (obsessive) precision of an engineer and he was pretty quick at it too (I mean, pretty quick; for someone watching the football match at the same time).
The results: Yummmm, the Tiramisu was sublime with the afternoon tea. Yum.
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dr in the house said...


I had my first home made sushi today! But:

1) I didnt make them, Aliah did

2)No pics coz I was down (still am ) with fever, sorethroat etc

3)Inti dia hanya crabsticks, carrots , zuchini and 'i-forgot-the-name-of-the-green-fruit'
Aliah despise mushrooms and wasabe, so I had none of those!

I woke up from a painful slumber of bodyaches to a plateful of sushi!! Alhamdulillah! Sesungguhnya ALiah telah menggembirakan hati ibunya yg sedang demam!!:p

mynn said...

Hope you get better soon DITH. Ikelah takde terus demam rindu yer??

terer nya Aliah, i wish she had taken pictures! nak tengok ...
(the fruit = avocado ke?)

pandai aliah pujuk ibunya.

we pray for ikelah & yourself dith.

hiyoshi said...

Berry icecubes = stroke of genius.

On another note, congratulations to Aliah on successfuly making sushi! (though I hope it's not one of those giants that chef made. Those are a bit too big for my liking)

Dyanna said...

bravo MS for the very creative ice cubes...! I simply thought it was 'out of the box'. Marvellous.

auntie de said...


pretty ice cubes, even more delicious ice cubes! :D and as always, the sushi was divine

get well soon DITH. ooohh.. the myalgia is probably the worst part of the flu kan!

crimsonskye said...

Gorgeous ice cubes!! I would have them eaten straightaway off the freezer, tak sempat pun nak masuk in any kind of drinks.. hehe.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Uh.. I want those ice cubes!!

Anonymous said...

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