Friday, June 23, 2006

Site: Open Source Windows

A site with a very nice collection of links to free open source software for Windows. A simple yet pretty site.

This is another site with a more comprehensive list.


dr in the house said...


Ikelah's outstation di Taiping ada AGM belia, so he wont be online till tomorrow thus cant comment on your GIMPed pic of Saghah.

Btw, tak nak insert tag-board ke?

Parents dah sampai?

hiyoshi said...

Hello there :)

The GIMP-ed (or is that photoshopped?) picture of Sarah was nice!

mynn said...

ooo kesian ikelah from one activity to another. sure pancit.

havent heard from you for ages! how's the new term my friend? hehehe, still a beginner in GIMP and still learning. however it does show how a drab picture could be enhanced with the right tools :)

mynn said...

ps dith
apa benefit letak tag board ye? and how?

dr in the house said...


Some of my staffs are Terengganu people and I learned this phrase from them,
"Awok nok nganjing ke kawe ke?" :p

(and please don't say you've never heard of that phrase either!hehe...kalau tak pernah, kawe tak tahu ler)

mynn said...

LOL. to be perfectly honest, i think i do know what a tag board is, is it the chat box? but i wasn't sure... :p
also, i REALLY don't know where to get them from & the benefits.

Anonymous said...

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