Friday, June 16, 2006

Linux At Last!!

Finally, after several months of research I am finally 100% successful at installing OpenSUSE Linux on this computer! Muahaha:)

I am extremely happy. Infact, currently I am trying out the system: I'm writing this post with Performancing in Firefox but using Linux. At the same time I'm listening to mp3s using Amarok and just now playing DivX on a my Windows partitions worked without a hitch.


I've installed OpenSUSE on a 20Gb partition, and left Windows files untouched on two 80GB partitions and one 20Gb containing the Windows installation. Unlike last time I had absolutely no problems with Suse 10.1 and mostly no 200Gb data loss.

:) Next I just want to tweak the system until I'm happy with the settings.

I recently bought SUSE Linux 10 Bible by Justin Davies et al. Published by Wiley 2005. I was reading this until 1am in the morning (despite being oncall).


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