Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our Weekend in Wrexham, a Primer

At last, I'm back to broadband! To all my dear readers, (yes, all 5 or 6 of you:) I deeply apologise for not being able to update my blog the last one week or so. My oncalls have been terribly busy, and straight after we went straight to visit Uncle and Auntie De in Wrexham where broadband has yet to penetrate. At first I wanted to post a few entries, but seeing how Uncle De's dial up connection choked at even the slightest of provocations (read: loading my blog even without pictures took around 10 minutes! Forget videos), I decided against it. Not that it matters, as even without updating my blog, I was too busy having a good time!

Needless to say, we had a great time in Wales. Uncle and Auntie De played perfect hosts, always busying themselves tending to our whims. They have a HUGE lawn (pictured above), and both the little ones seemed to enjoy exploring the much more open garden while soaking the sunlight and stretching their legs. They were laughing with joy while running, chasing each other and rolling in the grass - the way children are meant to play.

As if running and rolling were not enough fun, Uncle De brought out an inflatable mini-pool and like the Wizard's Apprentice we filled it in turn with pails of hot water (picture above). We had to wrap Amar's injured hand with a plastic bag to keep it dry, a futile attempt as the three were splashing each other silly.

Above is me having to borrow one of Auntie De's disposable shavers; my Gillette was left 90 miles away. And yes; if you happen to live in Wrexham and heard screams of torture in the mornings, that was me. The shaving experience with Auntie De's "twin lady" was painful both mentally and physically! It felt like my skin was ripped to shreds. But as one popular yet chiched saying goes: something about beggars and their limited choice in toiletries.

Note: I chose the least feminine of the available colours: turquoise. Hmm.

On Saturday, we went to Chester Zoo (A tabblo gallery of the pictures is in the works and will be coming soon;) The funny thing was, the adults probably were more excited seeing the animals than the little ones! Although confusingly laid out, Chester Zoo was beautiful featuring plants and animals from almost all over the world. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed herself seeing all sorts of animals, especially the lion and tigers. Sarah's favourite used to be spiders, but now she keeps talking about lions. It is rewarding in many ways than one that the trip was both fun and educational for the children (as well as the grown-ups).
Picture above : Man do I need a zoom lens.

Today Uncle De went to the trouble of buying us lots of food for a barbeque. Please look forward to another post later (tonight;)

Overall, we all had a great time in Wrexham, Wales. Nisa, myself, Sarah and Amar would like to heartily thank Auntie and Uncle De for having us as guests. They really went out of their way with their hospitality and we just can't thank them enough. It was a splendid weekend, and what a nice way to start summer.

May Allah always bless you guys. Thanks again Uncle and Auntie De!


ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

That's a big lawn alright.. o___0

auntie de said...


weeelll... i did offer mynn the venus, which was prolly a better shave. but he knows that already! :)

drroza said...

The De(s) sure have a big lawn alright and that lawn definitely has to go with a huge mansion. Am I right? They must be related to the prince of wales, haha

WHat made you think that turquoise is the least feminine color?

I love the last pic of amar chewing on the wooden fence. He was looking so intensely desperate...he must be thinking "apalah nasib ku, gusi gatal, mainan untuk gigit tinggal kat rumah!"
Oh the agony of teething!!!

mynn said...

Waalaikum salam

by the big lawn, i hope you don't mean the picture with the deer (that's the zoo).

:) only pulling your leg ...

yup, the lawn was as big as (almost) half a football field (err, i actually don't know how big a football field is. am i right uncle de?). The weather was sunny, and we laid a mat outside (i was enjoying my tea & reading Earthsea) while watching the children play. Rarely do serene moments like this arise.

(hmm, i think that last sentence is indicative that ive been reading too much fantasy & Ursula Le Guin lately *frown*)

Auntie De
ROTFL .... i actually did LOL tadi.
the "venus" that auntie de is referring to is a crimson, ergonomic ladies' shaver made by Gillette. Please don't ask me how i know it to that much detail...

mynn said...

oh, it's been a long time! i miss your (insert adjective of choice *here*) jokes:))

Which is the least feminine colour to you? lavender, pink, peach or turquoise .....? (see how desperate i was?)

about amar: hehehe. he's also been biting on his favourite teething toy: his mum.

kenakelayan said...

:D ahh.. shoulda gone for the Venus! At least it is ergonomic and should be less painful.. :D

Pok Ki said...

Y no wan commented on his poor covered arm aahh... even when swimming in two inches of water loh..

hiyoshi said...

The picture of the lawn looked as if it was taken at the zoo itself. Amar and Sarah look like they're going to have a big adventure in that picture!

Lucky me; I haven't reached shaving age yet *LOL*

*sigh* Oh, what I wouldn't give to enjoy a picnic like yours...

dr in the house said...

Pokki- it's because we already know of the reason of the bandage and we've given lots of comments about it before!

And again I just love that pic of Ammar...Nisak picit dia sikit untuk I..gerrrram!

Mama Sarah said...

DITH I was like 'screaming' seeing Amar chewing the fence. The Doctor Daddy just happily capturing the moment. You don't want to get him ill again aye?

mynn said...

KKL & Hiyoshi
in retrospect, i should have asked for the venus again. however, auntie de would only give the tangkai. no blade tak guna jugak. I'd rather use uncle de's Wilkinson Sword Titanium Quadruple Blade Razor (i was oogling uncle de's razor with envy over the weekend, i only use the vibrating gillette mach 3)

in the end the plastic bag was filled with water, but at least it did work for ... 2 minutes.

shaving, what a hassle! if you ever need one, try checking out the philips razor i wrote about several posts previous. (LOL).

There is a theory nowadays that people get too much allergy related disease as our lifestyle is "too sterile". and we don't populate our body with the so called friendly bacteria. So nowadays, to treat clostridium dificcile we attempt to re-populate the body using faecal enemas & live yoghurt. that's why im less concerned with amar licking fences ... (hmmm that doesnt sound quite right ....)

auntie de said...


the huuuge lawn in the picture is actually hospital accommodation grounds, you all. yup, we live in 'kuarter gomen', or something to that effect kalau kat mesia. but i like the fact that the ppl here appreciate that little kiddies need a lot of space to run around! :D and if youre lucky you get to see em little rabbits and squirrels..

hee hee.. food nampak sedap sebenarnya orang pandai tangkap gambar tu. see, mynn siap susun2 lagi tu. mynn and co. were the perfect guests! tak banyak cerita, siap chip in with housechores especially mama sarah. u see, i failed miserably at housekeeping, haha.. still yet to master the one-handed housekeeping techniques that mama sarah has mastered many times over!

again, thanks to mynn mama sarah and co for visiting. we enjoyed their visit thoroughly and are missing them already. sunyi rumah takde amar and sarah.


hiyoshi said...

"Wilkinson Sword Titanium Quadruple Blade Razor"

Any longer and I can assure you that the name of that razor will appear on an episode of Star Trek.

Ikelah said...

food banyak, kesian amar makan pagar...hehehehe

kenakelayan said...

Wilkinson sword etc... er ni yang Beckham guna tu eh?
Lately I spent some time with a lady and her hyperactive 3 year old son. I found out I may be quite the prim and fussy mum, although theoretically I am also of the 'let the kids roll in the mud it's good for them' school of thought. Hehehe. We shall see...

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