Friday, June 16, 2006

Not about me this time: Nostalgic Trip to Cardiff

This weekend Uncle and Auntie De completed their 2 week tour around the UK starting from Wrexham, to Southampton, Coventry, Stratford Upon Avon, Essex, Cardiff then finally back to Wrexham. They seemed to really enjoy themselves, especially in Cardiff. The inbox of my phone today has been completely spammed from Auntie De's picture messages so I decided to pay Uncle and Auntie De a tribute and post her pictures on a tabblo:

Tabblo: Uncle and Auntie De
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Top: The new Borders & Starbucks in Llantrisant, where Uncle & Auntie De used to stay. Show's how much Llantrisant has changed.

A Japanese noodle bar where we often rendesvous. We all have our favourites. Uncle De loves the bento box (so do I), but my favourite is the Sea Food Ramen. Mmmmmm.

The singing guy:
We used to always see this guy singing at the town centre. And he's still singing it seems.

Our house, full of memories .... sigh. Sarah was brought up there. And friends used to visit EVERY weekend. For finals, we met up there for our study group.

Poor, tired Safiya. Hope she enjoyed visiting the place where Auntie De carried Emyr.

Looks fun!! Wish we were there too!


dyanna said...

Hey..! I remember the Singing Guy and his 'sempoi' green microphone... always singing, come rain or shine... pakcik yang comel.. heheh... It's great to look at pictures of Cardiff...Thanks!

dyanna lagi said...

By the way, I learnt a bit (ok la, 3 words..) of Hokkien at work.. and 'Ho Fun' means "Oh! serabutnya kepala otak ku!!!" or " Arghh! Frustnya!".. Tak tau la owner restaurant tu deliberately named the restaurant that way..

lagi lagi dyanna said...

eh.. I bukan ke the name of the restaurant "Riveside Cantonese"... 'ho fun' tu dtg dr mana? Pls, correct me if I am wrong, bcoz I think was talking nonsense in my previous comment..

auntie de said...

err.. ho fun tu dari kedai riverside cantonese tu la, kat tudor street tu. seafood ho fun. haha, siap beli dua bungkus, satu makan kat park satu tapau balik. i remember being soo blissfully happy just before i fell asleep last night, teringatkan ho fun dalam perut, haha.. :D

tak sangka mamat tu ada lagi kan? heehee.. guna microfone hijau dia tu. tapi betul, kan, rain or shine, mesti ada je mamat tu. masa tu tgh nyanyi lagu frank sinatra.

its nice to reminisce and know that there are others with whom you can share it with :)

Anonymous said...

Ho Fun... seems more suited to SOHO

OK said...

Ho Fun... seems more suited to SOHO

mynn said...

hope you didn't mind me posting the picture messages you sent to us auntie de. i always write about you guys as well, so i thought it was fitting to post about your trip to cardiff. best lah auntie de..... jealous kitorang! i miss tenkaichi .....

haha ho fun joke.Ho So Fun Ni.

nnydd said...

tengok rumah tu teringat Dr. Sakan...

Anonymous said...

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