Sunday, June 11, 2006

Video: 3 Minute Sushi Tutorial

Unlike the previous video, this is how a normal human being would make sushi:

DITH, I suggest you see this one for your upcoming project;)


nnydd said...

eh, baru perasan uncle de ade dugg site. errr, what is it actually? brief explanation pls. tq

mynn said...

digg tu macam collection of bookmarks yang uncle de find interesting. all collected under his digg account.

so kalau pegi ke uncle de's digg account dapat lah tengok links2 yang dia suka. tu je.

dr in the house said...

Thank you for the clip. Hopefully berjaya.

p.s. yg paling best lagu background yg sungguh suspense tu macam cerita tom clancy pulak!

dr in the house said...

cop! Tu spinach kan?

hiyoshi said...

Aah...Sushi making for the urban couple. Makes the whole affair look sexy and sophisticated.

mynn said...

i think this video is better than the previous one, sbb this one step-by-step from beginning to end and it's more how i learnt to make sushi.

i think it is spinach (letak apa2 pun tak pe dith) .. hope berjaya!

faux sophistication, but nampak macam terer jugak that couple buat sushi. better if not the best compared to many videos ive dug on you tube

zaman skrg ni apa2 pun boleh belajar from internet kan? amazing!

Anonymous said...

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