Saturday, June 24, 2006

Last week in summary

  • SUSE Linux 10 Bible
  • Earthsea Quartet
  • (Anime) Yakitate Japan (Final few episode's)
  • (Anime) Black Cat
  • (TV) House -- So goooood!!
  • (Movie) Ultraviolet - hesitantly recommended for the stylish presentation and fight scenes. Avoid if you hate paper thin, derivative plots.
  • (Movie) V for Vendetta - recommended. Clever and thought provoking.
  • Ojisan no Tokei (Ken Hirai)
  • Hitomi o tojite (Ken Hirai)
  • With my new SUSE 10.1 installation, muahahaha!
  • (PS2) Guitar Hero
  • (Hardware) a new 200Gb Hard disk
  • Suffering from terrible hayfever
  • Drowsy from loratidine
  • Extremely tired from the week long oncalls
  • Drinking Twinning's English Breakfast Tea
Depressed. I've just realised I only have around one and a half months before ending this current job and before the end I have around 2 weeks of leave and 2 weeks of night oncalls. Minus weekends that leaves only 5 days or so to spend with my friends before going our seperate ways. Infact I already had to say goodbye to a few good friends at work.
(that's why I wasn't really in the mood for blogging recently and I was blogging "heartlessly").

On the flip side, I'm eagerly awaiting my parents' arrival on the 30th. We have plans for trips to lots of places and I can't wait to share our adventures on the blog.

Other things to add
I have recently done something I should have done at least 6 months ago and ideally YEARS ago - cancel my sattelite TV subscription. Our family has simply stopped watching (broadcast) TV. The kids only watch their favourite Pixar DVDs on constant repeat and MS and I have favoured reading (, eating, blogging) and travelling over TV. In retrospect, we haven't really properly watched TV for over 6 months! The sattelite subscription is gone, and we're not even missing it (should have followed OK's advise 2 years ago and cancelled it then).


dr in the house said...


Must be difficult for you to leave a place you have called home for the major part of your life. Why, Paul Moss too had lived more than half his life in Turkey and was reluctant to come back but when he finally did, it was ok, but not without deep love and feelings of patriotism for it!

I guess, for the rest of your life back here, you'd be comparing it with UK. And that wouldnt be a positive thing to do as Malaysia cant compete with the UK in endless aspects.

Like students going overseas get prepared for culture shock, maybe you should do the same. We dont want you to continue being depressed back here!

Salam to your parents!

mynn said...

:) thanks dith, felt slightly better reading your post:)

all you said above is true. especially about i'll be comparing msia with UK the whole time. Something I'll TRY MY BEST not to. and i have been steeling myself & mentally preparing myself since january! hehehe.

ah, but you misread me. i wast actually depressed about going back to malaysia. I have yet to develop any feelings about that (setakat ni i still havent came to that 100%). what i was sad about was thinking how i'd miss my work & friends. probably, especially my friends. this past few months have been full of goodbyes.

hahaha, sounds like a counselling session pulak!

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Cancelling your satellite TV? I would do just the same, if it wasn't for CSI on AXN, and the sports updates. I don't think I need anything else on Astro.

mynn said...

ayumi chan
you know what, i think astro probably has better shows compared to our sattelite tv here. seriously. you've actually said something i'm currently thinking about -- balik msia nanti whether we'd subscribe to astro or not... hehehe. i also love AXN, especially dulu2 when i used to follow cooking master boy, saiyuki, el hazard (my favourite on AXN!) & akazukin cha cha (LOL).

mynn said...

ps. from the names of the show, you probably could infer how long ago it was since i was last in malaysia:)

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Unfortunately, anime was stopped on AXN when my family bought the cable service. Although @15 have anime shows in the morning, the dubbing turns me off.

mynn said...

i know! tak best kan? last time i was in malaysia was masa raya last year. AXN dah tak de anime -- what a big disappointment. one channel ada anime - but the anime was squashed into a tiny box and there was text & adverts all over the screen - how could anyone see anything. astro should realise anime is a BIG draw for many people.

tokoro de, kimi no shiken no junbi dou desu ka? ganbatte! (see... no "ne" hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »