Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Banner (again)

Enthralled seeing DITH's new banner and profile picture, then asked by Auntie De to do a Summer banner for my blog, AND critisised by MS about the old banner, today I set out to make a new one.

Finding inspiration was the most difficult bit.

Anyway, hope the new banner is okay. Picture taken only today (story coming soon) and heavily GIMPed. Enjoy!


OK said...


dr in the house said...


Enthralled is such a big word, hehe

Is that Sarah?

Mynn, more apt, if the banner depicts someone scratching an itch!! haha

Mynn said...

:) hehehe, dith, no seriously "enthralled" was the proper word to describe my fascination. that is sarah. it was in shihan and she was struggling to pick up the tempura with her chopsticks so i helped. i didnt even realise MS was taking our picture.

looking forward to going back, seeing you guys would be among my first priority. cant wait to see the new gadgets.

dyanna said...

Banner is OK..
the blurry motion and all is good. I like that.

But I'm with DITH, need something to relate to that 'Itch'..

pycnogenol said...

Why is it that the pic. of the lady tennis player scratching her butt comes to my mind?....aah...the power of images!

But I'm sure Mama Sarah, Dyanna nor DITH will approve that cheeky banner (much as that pic would be so apt) to your site Mynn, or will they?

Mynn said...

a "flash" of inspiration came to my mind reading your comment.
LOL ........ get ready for the next itchiness banner! next time, literally!!

Anonymous said...

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