Thursday, June 22, 2006

GIMP: Vignetting

This post is inspired by this photo (clicking the image will bring you to the author's Flickr page) and this post on Digital Photography School.

What a stunning picture! The horse seems to be frozen mid-flight, and there is a sense of speed. Look closer and you'll notice that there is a halo effect around the horse which further makes the horse stand out from the background.

Using GIMP, I also strived to the same with this originally drab picture of Sarah:

1. Correct levels, enhance sharpness etc of the image.
2. Duplicate the layer to create a copy.
3. On the top layer: add a layer mask.
4. Again on the top layer: lasso around the subject and choose a HIGH value for feathering.
5. Invert selection.
6. Paint black into the selection.
Now on the bottom layer (i.e the background layer):
7. Gaussian blur the picture for a depth of field effect.
8. Now, again manipulating levels: darken the picture.
That's it!

Here is the end result:

Any comments or suggestions? (I'm looking mostly at Ikelah here :) The original tutorial could be found here at

I'm currently on the start of my holiday, and for some unknown reason I'm heavy on the geeky postings. I've been spending the holiday so far catching up on reading on Linux and delving deeper into SUSE Linux, learning GIMP by following tutorials, and finishing books I'm currently reading. No wonder the geek scale(tm) is off the charts!

We're not travelling much this time as my parents are coming soon (in a week's time), so I suppose we're saving energy for our travels with them.


mokcik de said...

time to spam your comments box mynn!

iPoditis ( Musicalis thunderosus)- deafness caused by pumping up the volume on your musical gizmo.

Laptop flop (Testicularis Volcanis)-Infertility caused by laptop computers overheating the testicles, damaging sperm. Men naturally sit with their legs apart to keep the testicles cool, but men with lap tops keep their legs together increasing body heat around genitals.

Text thumb (Vodafonicus tenderitis)- Painful swollen thumbs caused by excessive texting.

Remote obesity (Couchicus Slouchicus)- Weight problems linked to hours in front of the TV with only the remote control for exercise. Made worse by tendency to snack on junk.

Xbox back (Joysticus twingeicus)- Lower backpain triggered by slouching over an xbox or Playstation game.

You have been warned. Take care of yourself and your gadgets.

and if i were you (also applies to other vaio/laptop owners out there) i'd pay particular attention to no.2. @P

orangkilang said...

Another one is pocketus kempistitis.. a condition that many people suffer especially at the end of the month or during sale season

Mynn said...

Hehehe LOL
As auntie de well knows i tend to make jokes worse if i add anything, that's why ive been holding my tongue since last night!

ps auntie de: until you guys get broadband & make your own blog(s) you guys are more than welcome to write anything here. infact, sometimes i'e write about you guys.

kenakelayan said...

Hahahahaha.. way to go Auntie De!!! Spot on! :D

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...


Auntie de --> LOL. I think I might have some of those conditions???? (minus the laptop on the lap thing, definitely!)

By the way, mynn.. the outcome is lovely :)

Mynn said...

arigatou, demo mada mada desu:)

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