Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Canal Basin

I'm sure Mama Sarah will soon post an entry on our adventures today, so to read about it just head on over to her blog (link on my sidebar ->)

So I suppose I'll just post up pictures I like from today at the Canal Basin.

Sarah looking cautiously for bees

Low perspective (this picture was actually a mistake, the camera was supposed to focus on MS in the background), but I don't think the picture turned out too bad.

1-2-3 throw!

I kid you not: this picture was entirely taken by ........ Sarah!

... and if you think that was a fluke, this picture was also taken by the 2 year old (she's the only one not in the picture).

Lunch afterwards. Amar was making funny faces making us all laugh.


nnydd said...

wah terer saghah. Clap! clap!

Dyanna said...

Sarah soo clever!

Sherin Almashor said...

Here I am again looking for photos of mama sarah. :)

So, clever la Saghah.
Kron, awat malu nak letak gambar u dalam ur blog?

Ikelah said...

I like tha last photo and the photo below. great facial expression that will be long remembered. To my opinion, the last photo would have been better with cropping to make it tighter. The most important is the great smiles and the rest of the body is of no significsnce anymore.

pycnogenol said...

Careful with that 1-2-3 throw pose. Michael Jackson was severely criticised with that kind of pose with his child!!

Kita tengok, nampak seronok aje, kan?

crimsonskye said...

Sarah bukan je terer guna chopsticks, terer tangkap gambar summore! :)

mynn said...

some pictures of MS i posted just for you.

thanks for your comment & i agree with what you said about cropping tighter. and in the future ikelah, if you want to take your tips a step further, you could download any of the pictures on this blog ... crop or do whatever you want with it (to demonstrate the learning point) and i'd be happy if you could email it to :)

eh betul jugak eh? that is a valid point to think about. fortunately it was a sunday so most of them cuti:) hehehe.

nydd, dyanna & crimson
Our instructions to sarah was "tengok gambar mama & babah kat sini, pastu tekan sini ... ok?" and the picture we posted was not cropped ... that was the actual framing. there are two other pictures also taken by sarah & i thought is good, but the two we posted were her best (actually, were our best, our poses were the flaw in the pictures:p)

Sherin Almashor said...


auntie de said...

ACHOCHOO... mama sarah. i tengah tgk mynn's wanting list, and the third one looks a bit naughty. like an invitation for a session of 'piat telinga'! :P

Anonymous said...

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