Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Weekend

This time it's Stratford-Upon-Avon again, but with Auntie and Uncle De.

The pier

The scenery

Mother, daughter & son

I wonder what he's so intently zooming on?

(Another) Picnic outside

Sorry for picture spamming my own blog a lot lately :p ... but I think pictures are probably the fastest way to tell a story, especially for people with limited time (like me for one!)


hiyoshi said...

Just went through your flick archive (after all this while!) and....

*takes deep breath*

...You're acquainted with Dr Marlini?

mynn said...

yup we all know her

she's my colleague back in university.

she's stayed with nisa & i as well many times

and she's in our flickr gallery (penarth for fish & chips)

related to you ke?

dr in the house said...

Jejak kasih ke Yoshi?

Nice pics as always

hiyoshi said...


Dr Marlini is one of the academic staff at my place :)

crimsonskye said...

I wonder who first invented the expression it's a small world?

So this is why kenakelayan is thou-arting in her latest comments... hehe. Jalan2 kat stratford-upon-avon rupanya.

mynn said...

ooo kirim salam kat dia. and point her to our blog:)

mama sarah said...

Baru dapat peluang nak menjenguk blog!

I've noticed DITH has been calling Hiyoshi, 'Yoshi' for short. Hmmm must use the same nickname too.

Yoshi Dr Marlini is working at USM or KUIM? Heard that she has a baby girl (about 6 months ago?) and going to NZ for masters?

I wonder how you'd feel if Auntie De or Mynn decide to become a LEcturer, and become your tutor?

mama sarah said...

Cepat sangat you tulis blog lah bby. HAbis basi cerita I.

pycnogenol said...

So, Mynn and Mama Sarah ni main cop-cop cerita lah ye...tengok siapa cepat, dia dapat.

Tell you what Mama Sarah. You go and tell your version of the same story. We be the judge and decide who is the better story-teller.

Just looking at the pics of Stratford-upon-Avon brought lots and lots of memories. It's so peaceful there, kan? I was still single then, and had to even ask strangers to take my photos.

mama sarah said...

pycno pressure lah nak tulis entry macam ni!

"Brought lots and lots of memories" eh?

RAmai sgt orang have fond memories di stratford. I guess my family and I will too, oneday.

Kononnya, my inlaws (mynn's parents) first met di stratford upon avon juga during their a-levels years.

hiyoshi said...

I suppose that person would be the inventor of the miniature globe :)


mama sarah
What should I call you for short then? Sarah? Nanti si kecil itu pula menyahut :P

Dr Marlini is in KUIM. That's where I am too. Yes, she has a baby girl by the name of maisarah (mysarah?). She's doing her masters, but I'm not quite too sure where.

Err...If ever Auntie De or Mynn became my tutor, I'd feel honoured?

That must have been a long long time ago ;)

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

I consider your pictures far from spamming, especially when it's taken so professionally :D I always find it hard to comment on entries with pictures though.. it's almost like I have to post a picture in response.. unfortunately, I don't enjoy taking photographs.. or even good at it.

mynn said...

my parents were also happy to see pictures of stratford upon avon. kata diorang ada nostalgic memories together when they were doing a-levels. i wonder apa entah agaknya their nostalgic memories

(probably better i don't know)

my parents are arriving in 2 weeks time for my brother's graduation... kata diorang one of the places we HAVE to visit is Stratford.

kesian bie. i dah siap kejut lagi masa subuh suruh update blog, ha ...

(i'll still call you hiyoshi:))
what a coincidence, and as crimson said: what a small world. nowadays when mama sarah & i meet new people, one of the questions we ask is: ada blog? / apa address blog?


recently i realised one of the students i was teaching also had a blog, i was very surprised.

btw how's marlini as a tutor? hehehe.

I can't imagine myself being a tutor to these young 'uns.

dith, pycno & ayumi chan
i bet mama sarah will be the better story teller. as you guys may have noticed, i don't really write much (ok, this comment box is an exception okay!) i prefer to blog with lots of pictures and just abiiit of text. it's the way i absorb information.

thanks dith & ayumi, i dont think my pictures were well taken at all. i keep seeing bits i would like to photoshop out but unfortunately i lack the time ... i'm no where NEAR ikelah or rosli othman.

oh and guys:
do post lots of pictures in all your blogs, i bet we all love seeing them. i, for one, do.

baru habis oncall ni. totemo tsukareta! (penat sgt). i was on my feet since morning & it's an extremely hot day. macam malaysia. 3 more days to go ...

vigil mode, on

mama sarah said...

hmmm macam mana i nak tulis entry, semua orang pakat nak 'vigil mode'.

p/s: you memang sabotage letak gambar i. grrrrr~r. kata nak photoshop jadi rupa macam siti nurhaliza dulu?

hiyoshi said...

If you ever become my tutor, I'd have to call you Doc Blog :P

Blogs are the new age "addresses" we ask for when meeting new people. At least when they come over, we don't have to serve tea.

Dr Marlini is very, very, very soft-spoken. Ya lah, what with her soft voice. But she's a good tutor and very friendly. And that's why the students love her.

Mama Sarah said...

Yoshi, there's another friend of ours baru join KUIM. Soon akan buat masters in Cardiff.

Haha... HAbislah you.

(Dr Mar)Lenny tu memang baik and lemah lembut and kelakar. Tambah lemah lembut esp lepas kahwin. Dia pun kawan yang baik. I miss her.

hiyoshi said...


Wonder when you'll be joining too ;)

Sherin Almashor said...

Mynn, your blog is my only source (other than asking her to send me photos via email) to see photos of my dear friend ,mama sarah. :)

Mama Sarah said...

you naughty you sherin!

Sherin Almashor said...

mama sarah, u are just too shy my friend.... I will rajin-rajin ke sini nak tgk gambar u, ye? :P

kenakelayan said...

Hehehe I pun dah lama tak nampak Mama Sarah. Maybe we need more of her pics here?


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