Monday, June 26, 2006

Penultimate Nights Oncall


Yup, it's that time again: high caffeine intake, reduced sunlight exposure, and towards the end - stress and fatigue. It's the time when normal life is taken over by three basic activities: work-eat-sleep and repeat x 4. So far though, it hasn't been too bad. In fact it started with lots of laughter (at my expense) when I accidentally called this SSHO (the one that has been teasing me before) by the name of the person she has been teasing me on! To make matters worse, while the PRHO was handing over cases to me, the SSHO was making funny faces that I ended up bursting in an uncontrollable fit of laughter infront of the puzzled PRHO. How embarrassing!

Moving to another topic, at the end of this oncall my parents are finally arriving and that is something I am extremely looking forward to. I'm looking forward to all the travelling and hopefully if the places we're going to have internet access (for example I'm sure my brother in Ireland has broadband), I'll attempt to update the blog at least with pictures of our adventures (while my parents sleep with jet lag).

On another note, I am lightly considering starting a (new/) different blog. Like how some people have more than one blog to differentiate between their interests and personal stories, I feel like separating posts that some people may consider extremely boring and technical (like Linux, software and GIMP tutorials) and posts that are relatively personal and lighter. Some people are already doing so, and I may just follow suit.

I'm still letting the idea percolate in my subconscious, but if I do start a new blog it'd be with Wordpress. The templates look professional and I love the idea of being able to tag blogs into different categories. I would also open the blog to other contributors and I'm already thinking of O-K and Exdua (aka Uncle De) to submit articles whenever they feel so inclined. I would also open the blog to anyone at all in our current circle to contribute (by current circle I mean whoever who reads this blog and other blogs I link to). What do you guys think?

DITH, again I'm blaming you for this (I'm referring to your comment in the previous post, below).

If I do start a new blog, I'd no longer hold back on the technical (read: geek) levels.


nnydd said...

mynn, try blogsome. bosanlah semua orang pakai either blogspot or wordpress. blogsome pun quite nice layout design dia, and like wordpress you could also categorise your posts. another you could try is Typepad - berbayarlah tapi.

i would love to see what Uncle De writes. i remember he once said, long long time ago, he can write only do numbers, not words! i am mighty sure he has loads to tell us about his lovely family!

*cemana tah boleh tersalah post comment kat entry yg lain lak

mynn said...

thanks fr the suggestion nydd, ill try to check out blogsome. I too would like to see uncle and auntie de start a blog.

actually uncle de said the same thing to me, that he's no good with words. hehehe. but auntie de is very good i think (1119 english = A1)

ha auntie de - something for you to think about.

uncle de - jomlah consider my offer.

dr in the house said...

Hmmm that's the second time you're blaming me for things, this week.

Anyway, if you change to wordpress then you dont need more than a blog, just categorize them.

I have recently registered at blogsome and wordpress but I dont have the time to sit down and do the fine-tunings. So its blogspot for the moment.

mynn said...

argh dith, you beat me to wordpress!!!!! huuu.

mynn said...

ps. dith - just why have you started two new blogs? nak blog pasal apa next?

dr in the house said...

No la Mynn. Dont worry. Dont think I will use those blogs for the time being. I envy Aneesah's blog. She seemed to be able to do all sorts of things to her blog. One time, we could choose to view her blog in 4 different layouts. Imagine! hehe

Mama Sarah said...

Hmmm... I have been having this sort of idea for a long time. A blog where you could categorise the topic.

You read my mind, eh bby?

I dah draft pun an entry, tapi tak publish lagi about apa i buat kat my blog.

lagipun expand-collapse thing tu i tak master betul2 lagi. so far, i dah add another 2 categories dekat side bar. kalau boleh nak upload more videos dulu.hopefully working.

afie911 said...

Yup. I really think u should separate the boring stuff from the real life fun stuff. Hehhe. 'Cause the boring stuff once drove me away from your blog. I came back because I just found out you're mama sarah's husband and I thought perhaps I should support a blogger who has a wife who writes cool entries but who he himself writes boring stuff. For the sake of pitty la. Ngahahhaha. But I guess u're not so bad afterall. But, please, if you can, seperate the boring stuff from the fun stuff. I'd rather read entries on diseases rather than about linux. LOL. =P *kisses for the young ones*

orangkilang said...

kah kah kah.. one man's treasure I guess...

Mama Sarah said...

hahaha, mujur OK masih mampu ketawa.

ey bby! apa description tu? father of two. Husband of one.

hmmmm........ nak cetus issue apa tu agaknya?

dah lah hari tu cakap wanting a new wi....

MAJUK kang baru tahu.

orangkilang said...

Hmmm sounds like major changes ahead.. ;)

"Written by a Medical Senior House Officer in England, this blog covers my interests in the fields of tech, photography, Linux and Open Source, Firefox and anime. Mynn is a father of two and a husband of one. He is currently undergoing a major change in life as he is contemplating a permanent move to Malaysia."

Believe me.. change is good.. many don't know how lucky they are that things change... I love change...though I must admit there are times I am afraid of it..but once we do something different it feels really good

Dyanna said...

tak tau nak comment apa, but let us know the url of your next blog.

nnydd said...

With uncle De you cannot pujuk2. You have to paksa. But then kalau dia tak nak, dia tak naklah. Tak makan saman tul.

Maybe, just maybe, you can try bribing Auntie De. teeheehee.

dr in the house said...

Kesian Mynn,

Orang berperang kat comment board ni, dia tgh battle kat ward, :p

Btw, berapa kali nak tanya tp lupa, bby and bie tu stand for what? Baby ke? hehe

nnydd said...

i have asked this question masa diorang baru2 kawen dulu. diorang tak bagi answer, cuma gelak2 je, so i make up my own:

bby for 'my hubby habibi', bie for 'my bini habibi'. :)

kenakelayan said...

:) Saya pun tak pernah tanya. Masa mula2 kenal tu segan nak tanya, lama2 tu tak terfikir lak nak tanya. I assumed tu 'Baby'. Hehehe.

nnydd said...

Dari Acheh belayar ke Kedah,

Beli kurau dengan senangin;

Orang berkasih bukan mudah,

Umpama wau mencari angin.

Mama Sarah said...

pak nnydd, bukan main berpantun lagi! dah jumpa calon ke belum ni? bila nak kenalkan pada kami?

kalau belum jumpa lagi, meh nak recommend anakanda2 DITH dan Ikelah. Sungguh rupawan, cendiakawan dan hafizah lagi.

whoopssss... permisi ibu DITH, pak ikelah. promosi sebentar.

gurau tu! gurau!

nnydd, tulah! kacau orang lagi.

mynn said...

true i think wordpress is one of the best blogs out there and allows great flexibility and excellent tools for blog construction. i am really tempted to give it a go (but contemplating the amount of free time i have to maintain two blogs)

hahaha. thanks for the honest and blunt comment. actually while writing some entries i MOST will find it boring, but i know of several readers who are looking forward to the "boring" entries as well. that's why i'm conflicted. true, a seperate blog would be the solution.

yup major changes ahead. i may go home as early as september, tengoklah my parents kata apa when they arrive in 3 days:T im partly looking forward to going back to malaysia -- meeting my family and friends again, amar & sarah seeing their grandparents & cousins, food, weather, islands ... the thing i'm not looking forward to is working to death!!

dith, nydd, KKL re: bby/bie

entah, bila nak kahwin ni?

i patut letak "contently married to one" lah. bukannya nak cetus kan issue pasal polygamy hehehe. re: polygamy i'm not against it, but i don't think it's for me personally. O-K, uncle de and ikelah tak tahulah <-- divert-the-attention-no-jutsu.

wassalam and later all!

nnydd said...

mama sarah n mynn,

mynn gelak lagi!!

anyway, kalau nak tahu jawapannya, belilah pantun saya dulu...

Mama Sarah said...

berapa sen nak beli pantun tu nnydd?

nnydd said...

seringgit sedua kupang je. nanti bayar masa kita dah berkampung kat kuantan nanti.

mama sarah said...

ok, saya beli seringgit sedua kupang. akan dibayar bila berkampung kat kuantan nanti.

hmmmm, anta pun nak settle down kuantan gak ke?

nnydd said...

ntah kat mana la my last request for you to check out some cameras. FYI, one of your readers sent one camera to me. received with thanks.

and mama sarah, if truth is all and truth be told, then yes, at kuantan, neighbouring KKL and OK, ;)

Anonymous said...

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