Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today: Strawberry Picking in Nottingham

Again, I'm not much for telling in great detail on what we've been doing today. I'm sure Mama S arah will cover that in her blog. However, I am one for sharing pictures and here are two pictures I'd like to share.

Today we "went strawberry picking" except that the strawberries were not on a farm. Infact, they were planted in Auntie De's mother's (who we affectionate call Auntie "We") back garden. According to Auntie We, all the strawberries came from a single plant, bought at a car-boot sale. They surprisingly grew well and they were very tasty!

Above: I love this picture. Using GIMP, this picture was cropped, and I blurred the background using gaussian blur. I also enhanced the picture with an unsharp mask and applied a selective contrast mask to reduce highlights in the foreground.

Above: Our harvest. This picture was originally perfectly in focus. To detract viewer's attention from the boring background and foreground, using GIMP I added gaussian blur AND motion blur. The trick is, using alpha mask I was able to select manually what to sharpen and what to blur ;) Also, I used a subtle vignette effect to darken the background & foreground.

Sad isn't it? instead of talking about the subject of the pictures I'm talking about GIMP techniques! However, I'm expecting Mama Sarah to tell the story so I'm merely taking a different angle to the same experience.


dr in the house said...

Indeed it is sad when people dont discuss the main object but skirt around the 'trivialities of things' and worst still, leaving the main task to the woman behind him (read: asking MS to tell the story!) heheh

mynn said...

actually dith, for the past few weeks i feel that mama sarah and i have been running the same stories on both our blogs. so i feel that it'd better if i run this particular story from a different angle, especially since mama sarah was busy at work with her post last night. (but as usual, i always beat her to the story, hehehe)

orangkilang said...

Sort of like.. behind the scenes or The Making Of ... documentary.. hehehee

Actually it's nice to read both... there is a difference in perspective from the husband and wife point of view..

and yeah.. startup is still slow so I just hibernate instead of shutting down.. startup withinn seconds...

Ikelah said...

i like the first pic however the background and the huge leaf is still causing distraction. you had done the post production correction and enhancement, but 1 thing you had not done... that is...hmmmm.

To my opinion only a good well taken image can be made 'looks better'. We might have lots of luck in taking good photos with mediocre cameras. However to ensure high quality images we need good camera and high grade lenses. For stills and food, macro lens would hve produce better result. it may only need slight adjustment. too much adjustment will make the image unreal or plastic-like, etc.

if you have the budget and into serious photography, as for now you should get at least a nikon d200(if you are in nikon line) with a 18-200 vr lens as minimum standard and a tamron sp90 for the macro.

composition, light, subject, camera, lens, luck and post production skills are needed to produce good pictures.

else, just like me... d50 wih limitations and mediocre lenses. ;)

orangkilang said...

Actually I like the pictures.. I am not much of a photographer. I know.. most of the beauty is in my head.. i see things i feel is beautiful ..however i have not the skill and talent to bring it to iife in pictures..

so when i see other people's pictures and read about what moment(s) they want to capture I alwaysfeel glad to share in their delight...forget about the d200, my friend has one, but believe it or not, for fun he uses his snappy point and shoot olympus! he also has a d50, nikkor and tamron lenses and all the others stuff to boot.

So enjoy your pics and enjoy your GIMPing!

Mama Sarah said...

with a camera like d200 plus lenses, bits and bobs, they all weigh more than the allowance limit for a cheap airline. pastu nak dukung anak lagi, nak angkut lap top lagi, own bag lagi.

not an ideal holiday.

ayumi_of_mirkwood said...

Umm.. ichigo.. I really want to eat good ones.. it's been A LONG LONG time since I tasted one that's really good. And picking strawberries yourself must make it extra special..

Ikelah said...


hehehe kesian mynn... itu belum D2x with 17-55 F2.8G DX IF-ED ;) combined dengan
80-200 F2.8D or 70-200 F2.8 VR. atau nak amil food 105mm F2.8D menang best lens 2005 untuk micro. kalau mam tau prrice dia.... 4 tahun pergi balik kut?
it was mentioned kalau D2x tu, image yang produced need no correction or enhancement at all!

good luck!

nnydd said...

mynn, i hv not comment much sbb i dont know what to comment. but this blog has taught me a lot and made me aware of things.

beli je kamera besau tu. kalau gi holiday suruhlah mama sarah galas...

nnydd said...

mynn, try blogsome. bosanlah semua orang pakai either blogspot or wordpress. blogsome pun quite nice layout design dia, and like wordpress you could also categorise your posts. another you could try is Typepad - berbayarlah tapi.

i would love to see what Uncle De writes. i remember he once said, long long time ago, he can write only do numbers, not words! i am mighty sure he has loads to tell us about his lovely family!

mynn said...

assalammualaikum all

sorry i havent been able to answer or update for awhile - oncall punya pasal. Thanks for all the comments esp. ikelah.

hahaha, just realised ikelah is also a gear head - and very passionate about cameras and lenses. I've never seen so many unintelligible letters and numbers in one sentence!

in terms of buying a camera it is in the "to buy" list but not just yet. as mama sarah said: with small, hyperactive kids it's difficult to lug around a huge camera and i'm scared to think what will happen to the lens with the kids around eating chocolate!

insya allah when the kids are and i am more financially stable i'll put more effort into buying a proper camera :) like o-k said, a small camera is more practical to carry around & capture things spontaneously. if only the cameras on mobile phones are better...

ayumi chan's comment has made me realise we've never been strawberry picking here yet eh bie? we've been to an apple & plum farm but never strawberries yet. something to do before we go back home.

nydd - thanks my friend. haha, it's difficult to comment on some of the post on tech, i do understand. to me it's the same when you guys give nasihat on your blogs. i do read & take heart tapi tak rasa cukup ilmu to comment anything.

ok for now, back to work ...

** my blog has been damaged recently as i have been messing around with the templates. thank goodness i keep a backup copy of the template! now it's almost back to normal, thank god.

afie911 said...

Strawberrrysssss. Nyumnyum. Post some to Malaysia! Perhaps it's a better idea to just fly to England to enjoy them. =D

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