Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weekend in Wrexham: Uncle De's Tech

Recently seeing Exdua aka Uncle De again was a great opportunity for me to see Uncle De's latest gadgets, himself also a tech enthusiast. Here's a run down of Uncle De's latest tech/gadgets:

Shaver: Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium

I found myself unable to keep my eyes off Uncle De's sleek and ergonomic looking four-bladed razor. With a moniker like Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium, with FOUR blades I wouldn't be surprised if Uncle De also uses the thing for skinning fish, mowing his lawn or cutting down trees. Myself, I'm currently using the vibrating Gillette M3 Power. Please don't get me started on what other things I could use my vibrating razor for. Personally I hate the M3, and I think the vibrating "function" is nothing more than a gimmick. (Verdict of the M3: 2.9/5)

Digital Video Camera: Sony HDR HC3

Uncle De recently invested in a (very expensive!!) next-generation high-definition sleek Sony DV camera. My goodness, the jet-black DV camera looks mighty sweet. But sweeter still is the picture quality. Capable of capturing up to 1080 interlaced resolutions, the detail shown in videos of the kids playing in Uncle De's garden was spectacular. This camera uses traditional MiniDV tapes and what is surprising to me is it is able to capture 60 minutes of high definition video on the MiniDV tapes. This amazing gadget really left me awed.

Car: Fiat Multipla

Uncle De drives the ugly-as-sin yet down to earth Fiat Multipla. Despite its looks, the Multipla received critical acclaim by reviewers world wide and I think suits the practical and down to earth Uncle De very much. Able to accommodate 7 people in various configurations, the seats could be removed to make it a mini-transit. Apparently it drives well too.


Okay, this one Uncle De has yet to possess but I have a feeling it's not going to be long before he does own one. Our main topic of discussion over the weekend was high definition televisions, particularly the 100Hz 32 inch widescreen high definition ready Samsung WS32Z419D. What's special of this particular TV is that in the UK, it's one of the first high definition ready CRT TV, as opposed to the already abundant LCD TVs. CRT TVs are generally bulkier than their LCD counterpart, but much cheaper. This TV costs around £499 whereas an equivalent LCD would cost around £750.

As Kenakelayan once said: It's dangerous when boys get together (and discuss gadgets). I feel sorry for both Auntie De and Mama Sarah! However, it was really great getting up to date with the latest in tech with Uncle De. Hope he buys the TV soon!


dr in the house said...

*trying to imagine the both of you and OK in a different time frame, let say 100 years ago*

You'd all probably be dead bored!

auntie de said...

hehe, they would probably be discussing who's keris is the latest design or the most lekuks, or who's kereta lembu drives the fastest and/or smoothest.. DITH: boys will be boys :)

kenakelayan said...

Whatever it is, us women would be bored listening to them :D

Yay I can go home to good food now!

Dyanna said...

apesal designer of the Multipla buat design front kereta tu macam tu?

hiyoshi said...


Couldn't help laughing at the comments you made about Uncle De's razor and car (Yes, I do agree that with FOUR blades, the razor could prove to be mighty useful in logging activites)

It'll be a long, long way to go before I can seriously talk about any of the items you've mentioned T_T

Uncle De said...

Mr. Itchiness, I have to correct you on one thing, the multipla can only sit six. It has 2 rows of three seats. although im sure us malaysian can easily fit 4 at the back easily.
Dyanna, depan keta tu lawa la. haha.

Oh and take a look at this about razors:

pycnogenol said...

Uncle De - I agree depan kereta tu lawa, ada sikit-sikit macam ikan flowerhorn.;) Cantik kan ikan tu? I've seen the car on display kat KL not too long ago.

mama sarah said...

I thought 6 as well. 3 depan 3 belakang.

Depan kereta tu just reminds me of that nerdy specky boy in The Simpsons.

Hope he buys the TV soon!
Especially World Cup is coming. Takkan nak tengok on 14" aje yea tak?

(Still approve Uncle De beli ke, Auntie?)

Bawa2 lah sembahyang istikharah dulu Uncle De oiii...

mynn said...

uncle de
haha, good article about the "Moore's Law of Razors". Man, seriouly these things are gimmicks ... as with my razor, it's a normal razor with a small built-in motor - so it's sharp like a razor but vibrates like an electric shaver. i thought it's very innovative. but the thing is, i dont think it works better at all!! infact, i'd rather shave with the motor turned off (for fear of microfractures in the small bones of my hand). and it costs twice that of "normal" razors. but who can say what normal razors are these days with 6 blades coming soon..

dyanna & pycno
pycno -- you seriously think the car looks good??? hehehe. i respect you for coming up with the name of that fish (flowerhorn), as the multipla apparently is designed based on a dolphin (yes i know, an UGLY dolphin) but what i respect is: the practicality. know this: uncle de is VERY proud of his multipla. infact ... tunggu masa je before he joins a multipla club & goes driving with other multipla owners around the country ... LOL, right auntie de?

uncle de
i was thinking malaysia style -- sumbat 4 kat belakang (kereta proton dulu sumbat 4 kat belakang apa). otherwise; yes, 6 is the official capacity.

i'd be a looong time for me as well before i could dabble with these things (in case of the multipla - maybe never, hehe)

regarding the TV: be-li, be-li, be-li!

hiyoshi said...

Buy the tv! The World Cup kicks off tomorrow! Wouldn't you like to get a close up of Michael's Ballack nostrils?


Okay, maybe something else then.

(sorry. I've been in silly mode this whole week)

auntie de said...

wahh.. kuat sangat ke vibration dia sampai boleh dpt microfractures? takut la.. :)

MS: i'll just sit this one out and see what he does.. tv or kids' food n clothing? tv and kids' food n clothing? hmmm....

mynn, dia dah join pun multipla owners club(s) both in uk and malaysia. tgh tunggu tshirt and membership card aje ni... pycno betul la, my brother who has a thing for flower horn fish pun cakap camtu! :)

err.. hiyoshi, did u overdose on the morning coffee pulak today? heehee, just joking! ;P

hiyoshi said...

auntie de
*chuckle* That can't be the case as I haven't had any coffee the whole week. Hey, wait a minute......Maybe THAT'S the real cause!!!

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