Friday, June 16, 2006


Yesterday, the Critical Care consultant was asked to review a very poorly patient in the Medical Admissions Unit. Before examining the patient, he was looking for a pair of gloves.

Obviously frustated from not finding a pair his size he exclaimed, "Only small and medium?? Hmmph, show's the size of physicians!" and stormed away. Burn!! Critical Care - 01, Physicans - 00.

Okay, I understand he's frustrated, but why did he have to look at me while saying it??

This reminded me of a friend I was working with in Morriston Hospital, Wales.

She was helping me examining a patient, and we couldn't find any gloves nearby. She found a pair right at the opposite end of the ward and shouted at the top of her voice,


Needless to say, all the doctors, nurses and even some of the patients spontaneously burst in laughter.

...and I was left burning red.

any suggestions for clever/witty/funny rhetorts against the Critical Care consultant?


kenakelayan said...

Reply to 1st Remark:

'Well, we can't all be Neanderthals can we?'

Reply to 2nd Remark:

'What are you, slow?'

(hehehe ni sumer boleh guna kalau consultant tu super evil la...)

OK said...

For the Morrison question,

"Make mine X-Tra Large!"

For the consultant..

"Those are for the kids, the ones for the adults are in those Huge crates downstairs. They're too heavy to bring up!"

"Naah, those are ones for visiting consultants. We know how envious they get at times"

Mynn said...

"xtra large" was my actual answer to the morriston question:) but unfortunately it was drowned in other's laughter...

i was laughing hearing your answers to the consultant. i wish i thought of : the small ones are only for visiting Critical care consultants!

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