Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Farewell Dinner

Last night our team went out for dinner at Terracotta, in Leicester. Here are some pictures of our night out:

Our consultant and registrar

This is how you use chopsticks.

James and SO

James and his SO

Abhi and SO


Eddie and James

The team

Teppanyaki style food, all you can eat buffet. These were all I could eat:

Done : my noodles, prawns, salmon, peppers and sushi

Second plate - prawns, seaweed, vegetable spring rolls, sashimi and clams

After that I just couldn't continue!! Dessert was fresh fruits and mango jelly

My team - Eddie, James, James, Abhishek, yours truly & Dr Hubbard

It's been absolutely fun working with you guys and I'll definitely miss Naseby!


Mama Sarah said...

They all look so funny! Dr Hubbard so sporting! (tak tahu dia tu pompuan!)

p/s: sempat buat entry time kerja eh!!! dah call accommodation office blom?

Mama Sarah said...

p/s: ni camera kita ke?

mynn said...

haah camera kita ni. i baru je copy gambar dari registrar i. malam ni i update lagi lah gambar2. eh, kenapa dr hubbard you kata funny pulak? dr hubbard memang sporting giler macam kawan/kakak. hari ni dia kata lain kali kalau nak pegi lagi kena make sure kedai tu banyak watermellon (sbb i habiskan watermellon kat kedai tu semalam)

dr in the house said...

Wait! You're the tallest amongst them???

kenakelayan said...

must be something in the food... ala beans from Jack's beanstalk..

pycnogenol said...

OR...Mynn must be wearing platform shoes (from the 70's)...you know, the ones yang kalau baling kat anjing pun boleh mati tu...;)

mynn said...

must be all the mineral water i've been drinking. Mixed with the prawns and salmon, tiba2 jadi tinggi lampai pulak. unfortunately didn't last to the next day ;p

nnydd said...

Water from that enchanted forest (apa nama.... apa nama...) in LOTR perhaps?

orangkilang said...


nnydd said...

Entwash it is. I know you know these things, OK.

I still remember my first meeting with you (actually I met OK 1 year before I met Mynn!) - you were playing Total Annihilation and your shelf had rows of R. Morgan's books. We are like minded OK, only that I am R. Hobb's fan.

nnydd said...

Btw Mynn, Naseby tu originally nama siapa, or apa?

kenakelayan said...

R. Hobb!!!
That reminds me I forgot to ask you yesterday, shall I get you the latest R. Hobb now or should we get it when I return home? Did you like the 1st book of the Soldier Son trilogy at all? Byk org complain the protagonist is boring. I think he is just human (or is it me growing boringly old?)
Maybe I shall just give you a quick call now.

kenakelayan said...

Arrggghh how could you eat durian without me OK??? How could you? I am starving here and you are stuffing your face over there??? Aaaaaaa....

nnydd said...

Huh, Hobb's fans too!? Excellent! Due to some reasons, I have not acquire her latest offering; it would be good if OK could review Soldier Son first book. Like KKL I have not come across one good review on it yet. Would be dissappointed if it is truly not as good as Farseer!

I used to like Eddings too, but never into R. Jordan (not Morgan as written b4, my bad).

kenakelayan said...

I liked the Liveship Traders best, a close second is the 2nd Farseer trilogy. Although the Fool did make me feel a bit uneasy. Also in the 2nd Farseer Trilogy, wasn;t it about him slaying a dragon to win the hand of a Princess in marriage? :D See the marriage bit crops up now and then.

I liked the Soldier Son 1st book. I guess it was not as swashbuckling as her other trilogies, but due to my AGEING I guess don't mind. Hehehe.

nnydd said...

The Second Farseer = The Tawny Man. I like the 'first' Farseer Trilogy best, followed by the Tawny Man and then Liveship Traders. The final book in Tawny Man is less gripping at its start but the ending is satisfactorily good. Liveship Traders gets less vote because the first two books are a bit slow, but the third one is excellent. All books in Farseer however beat the rest hands down.

Actually I used not to like female author. Then I found Farseer and read all three books in three weeks. Only after that I realised Hobb was not a female. Thanks to her I started to like Agatha Christie and Patricia Cornwell.

OK & KKL, do you know there is a special edition called 'The Inheritance' now available for purchase digitally at Amazon Short? This edition, not available at bookstores, completes the Farseer - Bingtown world.

auntie de said...

mynn, orang lain bawak SO, your SO mana? heehee.. you lot looked like a cracking group! our renal team was a bit like this dulu, i remember

mynn said...

auntie de
hehehe, my SO includes 2 screaming, hyperactive kids, that couldnt stay up past 10pm, so out of the question lah utk bawak auntie de. so far in work, there are 2 groups i really like. one is naseby and the other was ITU in coventry. seriously, a good team makes it so nice to work, no matter how difficult or busy.

Anonymous said...

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