Sunday, August 06, 2006

Our Weekend

Uncle We, Uncle De and Auntie De came to visit us again today. It was fun!

Puan Mama Sarah made her killer stuffed tofu, specially garnished

Auntie De about to take a bite

Lunch was Puan Mama Sarah's delicately prepared soto

Puan Mama Sarah in the background, busy preparing her soto

Shaaaayang Emyr

The beautiful Safiya

We enjoyed tea outside
(this is a GIMPed picture, I pasted the blue sky on top of the bland original)

Maryam was giving Sarah bike(cycle) lessons. "Here's how you do it Sarah"

"Now you try it ...". Sarah on a bicycle for the first time! (notice the training wheels)

Sarah doing well on the bicycle and Amar wanted to join in the fun too

Amar and Maryam, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
(Aww, what a cute picture of the two)


dr in the house said...

Gambar Sarah hugging Emyr is a lovely composition. Bisa menang photo contest yang bertemakan "Carefree Children"

crimsonskye said...

Safiya looks so much like my sister when she was a baby! Rinduu...

pycnogenol said...

If Sarah is still as carefree as that, 15 years from now, tak ke semput di buatnya si Mynn and Mama Sarah tu...?!%^&$*@

For now, that pic is indeed cute and award-winning!!

mynn said...

hehehe, nak dikejar oleh babahnya dengan parang.

personally i like the one with amar & maryam. unfortunately abit blurry.

safiya seems to be scared of me! tengok je i, or bila i acah je terus nangis si safiya :(

nnydd said...

Safiya pic the best. Mcm bapak dia lah. Caption bawah tu for the future, ;), amin.

Anonymous said...

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