Saturday, August 05, 2006

Our Dinner : Nasi Lemak with Fried Bean Curd

Today, for some unexplained reason, I had the urge to eat Wagamama's Amai Udon. Off to Birmingham we went, where the nearest Wagamama could be found. Unfortunately however, due to some unforeseen circumstances (read: crying, sleep deprived little kids may not be that welcomed in a semi-posh and packed restaurant at lunch hour, when the restaurant was at its busiest).

"Sigh, ", I said to Puan Mama Sarah, "I guess we weren't fated* to have the Amai Udon today. I guess I'll just make do with looking at the pictures on our blog ;( "

As we got home, Puan Mama Sarah suddenly disappeared for a couple of hours and what she suddenly produced from the kitchen was what you guys could see in the pictures: Coconut rice, with octopus sambal, and stuffed fried bean curd.

"With dinner like this, I'd happily make do without the Amai Udon" I said to Puan Mama Sarah. Thank you Bie! A masterpiece in both cooking and photography Bie (she took all the pictures).



mrs fungus said...

o_O whoahhh~! oishii mitaii.. huhu
cant help drooling over the pics.. XD~~
feels like crying looking at my instant noodle! lol

kenakelayan said...

Please become my neighbour, Puan Mama Sarah. Please please please...

Eiiii comelnyeee Ainaiyya... hugzzzzz

pycnogenol said...

Mynn, your PMS sure takes good care of you.

The parading 'bilis' is clear proof of how meticulous she is, in ensuring that her hubby is getting just the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

dr in the house said...


Yes, the parading 6 pcs of bilis in fan-like manner caught my eye too!

Biasalah kan baru kawin 3-4 tahun, semua susun molek2. Dah kawin puluh2 tahun macam kita, "nah ambik ko!' umban selonggok ikan bilis dalam pinggan! haha

ayumi said...


Wow.. that looks REALLY nice *mouth waters*... I'm going to give a try at cooking my first nasi lemak this Tuesday! Wish me luck (lots of them!)

Mama Sarah said...

you all so funny lah.

oitts, asyik sindir kawe aje eh??? yealah, ikan bilis tu luxury item. kena lah catu sket. tu pun baru beli kat chinese supermarket. sekali beli dgn tauhu tu.

btw you guys, there were 7 pcs of ikan bilis. not 6. I'm not that kedekut you know! heh heh.

Mynn said...

mrs fungus
ha! you probably caught me reading your entertaining blog, which i am a fan of. like reading all the latest on J-dramas.

oh you guys kenal mengenal rupa2nya ...

heehee yup the bilis was jussssst the right amount, not too little as to deprive me of precious calcium and salt but not too much as to cause constipation. :x

kelakarnya your comment! i showed auntie & uncle de what you wrote. for the record, PMS and I have been married almost 6 years you know. okay, 4 more years for me to enjoy meticulously arranged ikan bilis ... before "nah, ambik ko!" LOL

when it's your turn, just remember:
1. presentation is 80% of the meal
2. always have a plan B (i.e phone number of the nearest take away)
ara .. joudan, joudan!

Naja said...

Mama sarah is indeed a great wife, u r so lucky Muhaimin :)

Those nasi lemak and tauhu sumbat sure looked good.Me hungry hungry.

raggedyanne said...

Lucky lucky you, mynn! i remember the last time i attempted cooking nasi lemak. woke up at 5 am to tanak nasik, but I had contractions instead. Baby dah nak keluar, but I was more worried about the nasi lemak tht i screwed up :)

mynn said...

naja and raggedyanne
i guess i am lucky to get such good food. especially after long oncall weeks, delicious food is a godsent.

Anonymous said...

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