Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our Weekend: Oxford


In one of the many gardens in Oxford. This particular one was in Balliol College. PS- Note Sarah's reverse peace sign (we asked her to show us "two")

The War Memorial Garden, on the way to the Christ Church

The Christ Church, apparently they shot Harry Potter here. (The movie that is, not the person).

Balliol College

Sarah has already developed an acute sense of humour

Radcliffe Square

The Radcliffe Camera, part of the Bodleian library

When my parents visited recently, they expressed a wish to visit Oxford and Cambridge, but unfortunately went unfulfilled. As if still contending to their wishes, today on a whim, we packed and drove to Oxford.

I was surprised to discover how near Oxford was from our city, a mere 35 minutes drive. Despite the bleary and slightly cold weather (making our photographs unfortunately equally dull) our spirits were high and we were absolutely ASTOUNDED by the beautiful, historical Oxford. We knock our heads thinking why we've left a visit to Oxford so late in our stay here in England.

There are an extensive numbers of colleges, attraction points, gardens and historical spots in Oxford that despite our lengthy stay (the whole afternoon, costing us £7 in parking costs) we have failed to visit probably even half of the important places. The pictures above were supposed to be a primer to what's coming in a near-future tabblo, but I sort of went overboard and posted more than I originally intended to.

Until then, do enjoy the pictures (and expect a better guided tour of Oxford to come in Puan Mama Sarah's blog pretty soon!)

if you live in the UK, but have yet to visit Oxford then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to do so. Seriously.

Some of the colleges made me think, "ahh, I should have studied hard(er)!". The sight of some of the colleges in Oxford really made me wish I was lucky enough to study there!

It's in our itinerary to visit Oxford again but next time we're coming early in the morning, and probably take the guided tour.


ajab booboo said...

Wonderful pictures! Such a beautiful university. Makes me wanna study hard too! But I have to learn how to speak first. Hehe!! :D

mrs fungus said...

ii ne oxford~
looks very ancient but great nonetheless.. ^o^

mynn said...

ajab booboo
i pray you could do well and get into Oxford one day. Make your parents proud.

when i was choosing universities at A-Levels, I purposely chose only easy universities (mind you, even the "easy" universities were darn tough to get into! some students couldnt get any placement and had to go to ireland etc). but in retrospect, i thought i should have at least tried to apply to one of these prestigious universities.

tapi kalau pegi oxford tak jumpa pulak puan mama sarah.

tak jumpa puan mama sarah takde lah sarah & amar - can't imagine a world without them.

Mrs fungus
i was just discussing this was PMS, how in the UK, they really take great effort to conserve old buildings. the architecture is sooooooooooooooooooo marvellous and awe-inspiring, you have to see it to believe it.

plus, even thought it looks old from the outside, the interiors could be quite modern.

crimsonskye said...

Beautiful place, and even more beautiful buildings. Just by looking at the pictures already makes me feel so.. teruja :P Especially when you mention most of them are colleges.

mynn said...

bie, what does "teruja" mean? does it mean "terharu?"

cool isn't it? the whole city is basically a collection of colleges interspersed with shops and touristy areas. huuu, i should have studied harder!

nnydd said...

teruja means excited. but i think most people dont know and use it as if it means tergoda.

Anonymous said...

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